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This game is a blast, if you want to have a genuinely good time with just about anything from Mario to Mortal Kombat content and multiple different gamemodes made by the community or in sandbox. This is to me the game that defines Valve as a whole. Team Fortress was a Quake mod. Half-Life's Gold Source was a modded version of Quake's engine, etc. This game is the best way for the community to feel as a part of Valve, because "Today's Modders are Tomorrow's Developers" -FUNKe
Posted June 30.
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This has to be my favorite Valve and FPS game EVER, the art style the music the M O V E M E N T all make this game amazing, The cosmetics, weapons and ability to make the characters YOURS is simply amazing and its free to play so that people who are just getting into the FPS genre can have a blast. This game also has one of, if not THE best community in Video Game history. I give this game a 100/10 and I hope we get an update for it soon.
Posted January 11. Last edited February 22.
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