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My item showcase is mainly depending on how many points/kills I have with my stranges.
Please don't post about your trading website in my comments, It's my profile, not a billboard
The HUD that I use for TF2
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These are the mods I use when me and my friends are just messing around in gmod.
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fly1ng_ram3n 11 SEP a las 12:22 
Level 69, what a chad
󠀡󠀡Heisenberg 10 SEP a las 10:30 
Pappy Van Poodle 25 AGO a las 22:58 
ShockFleet 14 JUL a las 23:54 
Hey jello. this will make you upset that, i had to stop play TF2 Due to populated of People, Hardcore, and Troll/Meme gamer acting mean thing to the server and me.

there is good news that i am still doing Gmod video. Wish your future a good luck
pasqualle 17 JUN a las 9:09 
I send offer
Rawr'ussia <3 3 JUN a las 0:44 
That's my price in pure, your going to need to offer more in items