Siren /IT 2016/
Niedersachsen, Germany
Winners don't make excuses when the other side plays the game
- Harvey Specter
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Well, hello down here!
About me
Nationality : German
Age : 21
Gender : Male
Favourite Games : GTA V, CS:GO, Battlefield 4 & V
Favourite CS Team : Ninjas in Pyjamas
Favourite CS Player : GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, REZ, KennyS
Other interests : Music and Photography/Cinematography
Member of : Osnadrücker

Mouse : Roccat Tyon 400dpi@2.0ig (CS:GO - slightly higher in other games)
Keyboard : Corsair K70 Lux RGB
Headset : Sennheiser PC 37X (Massdrop Special)
Controller: XBox One Gamepad
Main-Monitor : Samsung S25HG50FQU 144Hz, FullHD, 1ms Response Time, 25''
Sec-Monitor : Lenovo L24q-10 60Hz, WQHD, 4ms Response Time, 23,8''

CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8x4.30GHz
RAM : Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 32GB 3000MHz
Board : Asus Prime 470X-Pro
Sound : Creative Soundblaster Z

About my favourite games
About 2000h playtime (XBox 360 & PC combined)
Reached level 200 (finally)
Got too many cars....ran out of garage capacity so many times
Give a sh*t about exploding stuff and randomly killing everyone - just want to play and have fun
Achieved a race world record back on the XBox once
Didn't connected my Social Club account or my GTA with Steam
Completed the story like 6 or 7 times and one time with 100%
Hate Rockstars ingame economy - about 50mio dollars every update wtf

Playing since november 2015
First rank was Gold Nova 1
Highest Rank was The Global Elite
Current Rank is The Global Elite
Inventory value is non of your business xD
Played for ScriptCS and landed the legendary "Spaceclutch" back in 2016 xD
I love to make little Frag Compilations and Movies of my mates and my highlight scenes
(check my YouTube)

Battlefield 4:
Mostly playing as Support or Engineer
Always (!) playing the MTAR-21 - it's just the best gun i ever played
Best maps are Golmud Railway, Zavod 311, Hainan Resort, Guilin Peaks
I love rush but there are way to many people who don't understand how to play as a team in rush
Hate good DMRs and good pilots

Battlefield V:
I always thought that Dice could never make a better Battlefield than Battlefield 4 but I think that was a little bit fast spoken. The beauty of the graphics is stunning and it is just a joy to play it.
I love to play Rotterdam and as a supporter (so that didn't changed)

Siren /IT 2016/
Favorite Group
SE [GER] Bananenbande - Public Group
Willkommen bei B825
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Siren /IT 2016/ muss warten, bevor er/sie weitere Wettkampfspiele spielen kann.
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Siren /IT 2016/ muss warten, bevor er/sie weitere Wettkampfspiele spielen kann.
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