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The matchmaking in this game is either ♥♥♥♥ or nonexistent. Best case scenario: you fight vs people double your level with better gear and much more playtime. Worst case scenario: people 5 times your level. And it insists on matching you against the same person 3 times in a row! A pvp game without matchmaking isn't worhy of hard disk space.
Posted December 11, 2017. Last edited December 11, 2017.
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Early Access Review
Make no mistake, SPAZ2 is one of those sequels that has little to do with the previous game. It does some things right and lots of things wrong:

- Living, breathing universe. You never feel alone with the AI controlled commanders doing the same stuff you're doing
- Once you get your own faction things start to get really interesting
- The lore and characters are surprisingly good and often funny.

- Clunky UI in general
- Ship assembly and towing is terrible. Lots of time wasted to try to find out basic info and do simple operations. Not very interesting as a concept either. Why can't I move my turret from the right side to the left side? The whole concept of the parts is rather silly.
- The star map has no time controls and time only moves when you leave the camera centered on your ship (where you can't see a damn thing)
- Combat is kind of boring. It's way too fast to make micromanagement important so the best thing is to just set weapons on auto so it does the maximum damage throughput (which you simply can't do manually since you can only fire one side of the ship). This means that besides positioning, combat is mostly about watching pretty lights. Combat in the first game was a better mix or arcade action and strategy.

Overall, it's a mixed bag. Some things like the UI might get fixed before the final launch, but design decisions like combat and ship assembly will not, and they are big problems. I'm going to give it a thumbs up for being bold and trying new ideas.
Posted September 23, 2017. Last edited September 23, 2017.
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The game has potential, but the lack of polish makes it not worth your time. The combat is clunky with one stick to both move and aim, which makes ranged combat a chore. And speaking of ranged combat, you have very little ammo and have to swap weapon before using it (if you have only 2 weapons with 1 attack each why the hell do you have to SWAP instead of just pressing to button to do the attacks?). Enjoying tour 30 minute run? Well too bad, because you might get randomly stunned and lose 10+ life without being able to do anything and die.
Posted April 18, 2017.
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Looks cool in the beginning, but the lack of content makes you bored out of your mind after about an hour.
Posted December 27, 2016.
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So after seeing the simple 2d graphics and fulfilling the minimum requirements on my laptop, I was very confused to see this game has atrocious performance. For like 3 badly done animations on the screen at a time. Opening any menu actually causes a massive FPS drop. The game runs at about 40 fps and drops to 15 frequently. I can play games with much better graphics at 60 fps on this PC. And there are no graphics options to help (because ♥♥♥♥, there are like 20 sprites drawn on the screen at a time, what could you even lower?)

Indie or not, this level of performance is not acceptable in any way. Be wary if you want to play this on a low spec rig.
Posted December 10, 2016.
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"Maximum amount of free players reached". So I downloaded this just to see this ridiculous message? How about at least making a queue for free players instead of just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on them like this?

Just play the new Unreal Tournament if you want that or wait for Quake/Diabotical for the "true" '99 shooting experience.
Posted September 24, 2016.
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Disgusting port riddled with consumer milking DLC. Dropped support for PC, leaving it with unplayable online mode. This is the last WB game I ever buy.
Posted January 22, 2016.
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I was searching for a chaotic and charismatic twin stick shooter for PC, and AAC offered exactly what I was expected and more. The shooting is solid and fun, the controls are excellent, the characters ooze charm, and the graphics are charismatic and chaotic but readable at the same time. The campaign lasts around 5 hours, but it does offer replayability with the daily/infinity drives and a few game modifiers.

5/7 perfect score for this one
Posted January 4, 2016.
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It may seem fun at first, but this just lacks the amount of polish needed to be more than mediocre.

The good:
- The cover system works pretty well and is very intuitive to control

The bad:
- Too shallow to be a 'tactical' action game. Enemies just randomly spawn in front of you, so you have no time to plan an approach. Only two weapons and basically nothing else to do. No grenades, no powers, no flanking, no combos, no strategy, no nothing. Most shots don't really hit multiple enemies, exploding enemies don't damage each other, etc... so positioning is of very little importance. Just avoid their damage zones and shoot. Cover is not 'tactical' enough, it's mostly a gimmick. Ironically enough, you will find more 'tactical' gameplay in the hardcore action twinstick competitors this tries to differentiate itself from.
- Too slow paced to be an action twin stick shooter. 2-3 enemies on screen at a time is just boring for an action game.
- EXTREMELY repetitive levels. Basically all the maps are linear and predesigned with the same 10 or so areas (that are made with some generic assets to begin with). No PCG maps and no variety in level design.
- Bad design in general, like inconsistent pacing (most of the game is boring while bosses are extremely hard), game breaking (life regen) or useless upgrades, you simply run out of ammo during boss battles because see point below. Enemies can stunlock you at full health and you die without any chance of retaliation
- Bosses are just regular enemies with more HP.

The ugly:
- The unlock system is designed as a F2P game for mobile and is a chore as expected. While there are no paid microtransactions here, the difficulty ramps up horribly, forcing you to grind earlier levels so you can get good enough gear for later levels. But hey, levels are all the same anyway, so you probably can't even tell the difference between level 5 and level 10. Oh, and after you unlock stuff in single player/online, have fun doing basically the same thing AGAIN for local coop. Having fun yet?

So maybe after a 10 hour grind you could have enough variety in this game for it to actually be entertaining for once, but by then you'd have uninstalled it.
Posted December 29, 2015. Last edited December 29, 2015.
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Well, it's Asteroids. So how can you fudge that up? You add some terrible motion blur/ghosting that can't be turned off and make the game nauseating to play. At least it's free.
Posted December 29, 2015.
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