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Posted: Nov 14, 2017 @ 1:46pm
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Early Access Review
A rich game, which adapts to many different playstyles. You have to manage your crew (its health and morale and its varied attributes, skills, talents, and traits), but your goals are your own. You can play the great game (politics) for all it’s worth, or focus on trade, legal or not, or spy, or prey on merchants, or protect them from pirates, or land and explore.

You don’t have to fight, but if you do, you’ll discover that ship combat and crew combat each are their own game. For crew combat, for instance, you decide which of your fighters join the fray and in which relative positions; then, each turn, you decide which talents they use among those you had them learn (like your captain, your officers and crew improve with experience).

The paths you can take are as numerous as the stars, and no aspect of the game feels half-baked or shallow. Even after the many hours I played during the alpha stage, I was left with plenty to try—and that was before the stories were added!

Sounds overwhelming? It could be. It isn’t. If you try to excel at everything from the get-go, you’ll find it tough, but if you focus on what interests you most, you’ll learn what you need as you go. Plus, the newly added stories will take you by the hand, at first, and make sure you both learn the ropes and discover the lore of the Star Traders universe.

I can hardly wait to have more time to play!
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