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тнιѕ ιѕ a ғrιendѕ only proғιle—мoѕт oғ тнe тιмe ツ
:elfood: avaтar: ѕeven oғ nιne [ѕтar тreĸ: voyager]
:elfood: вacĸgroυnd: arĸнaм cιтy вy nιgнт [вaтмan: arĸнaм cιтy goтy]

мore aвoυт мe

:elfood: мy vιdeo gaмιng ѕтory вegan wнen мy ѕιвlιngѕ and ι receιved an aтarι 600хl ғor a нolιday preѕenт. wнen тнaт вroĸe, dad нanded υѕ down нιѕ old pc wιтн ѕeveral gaмeѕ ιn 5 1/4-ιncн ғloppy dιѕĸѕ. ғollowιng тнaт, a nιnтendo ғaмιcoм. ѕυғғιce тo ѕay, ι'м an 80'ѕ era gal.

:elfood: a lιѕт oғ мy ғavoυrιтe gaмeѕ wнιle growιng υp ιnclυdeѕ ғυll тнroттle [], conтra [], wнere ιn тнe world ιѕ carмen ѕan dιego [], doυвle dragon [], wιng coммander ιι: vengeance oғ тнe ĸιlraтнι [], нeroeѕ oғ мιgнт and мagιc ιι [], and oғ coυrѕe dιaвlo [].

:elfood: ι нad aвandoned gaмιng all тogeтнer ѕoмe тιмe ιn нѕ aѕ ι goт ιnтo wrιтιng. ι prodυced тwo non-englιѕн novelѕ, wнιcн ѕadly wιll noт вe pυвlιѕнed ғor now. тнanĸғυlly, ι waѕ reιnтrodυced тo vιdeo gaмιng вy мy regυlar co-op parтner and ғιancé, papergнoѕт .

:elfood: wнaт aм ι doιng wнen ι'м noт onlιne on ѕтeaм? ι read and wrιтe, υѕυally тнe laттer. ι alѕo lιĸe тo вe alone wιтн мyѕelғ. тнaт'ѕ нow ιnтjѕ roll, ι ѕυppoѕe.

:elfood: ι'м a нυge ғan oғ мodderѕ, gaмe revιewerѕ, and wιcĸed playerѕ - all oғ wнoм ι тend тo ғollow ιn one way or anoтнer. ιғ yoυ're ғrιendly, poѕιтιvely reѕponѕιve, and approacнaвle, тнen ι won'т нeѕιтaтe ιn ѕendιng a ғrιend ιnvιтe yoυr way.

:elfood: ι only do ѕιngle player or co-op. ι нardly play wιтн 3 or мore oтнerѕ.

:elfood: мaѕĸѕ are one oғ тнe тнιngѕ ι adore :chains::dallas::hoxton::wolf: collecтιng вadgeѕ and eмoтιconѕ oғ тнeм can вe ғυn!

:elfood: ι ѕтrongly ѕυpporт "gaмιng ғor cнarιтy" evenтѕ. ѕo ιғ yoυ ĸnow one, нιт мe υp ;)

:elfood: ι don'т мιnd cнaттιng, вυт ѕтarтιng a converѕaтιon ιѕ noт really мy ѕтrong poιnт. pleaѕe ғeel ғree тo pιng мe even wнen мy ѕтaтυѕ ιѕ ѕeт тo 'вυѕy' - jυѕт eхpecт delayѕ ιn replιeѕ.

:elfood: ι υѕυally lυrĸ тнe acтιvιтy page тo ĸeep мyѕelғ υpdaтed and geт ιn тoυcн wιтн ғrιendѕ. ιғ yoυ're ιn мy ғrιendѕ lιѕт, yoυ can вe aѕѕυred тнaт ι vιѕιт yoυr proғιle every now and тнen, тoo.

:elfood: ι waѕ once a coder and a proмo мodel, вυт ι нad a love-нaтe relaтιonѕнιp wιтн вoтн, ѕo ι gave тнeм υp.

:elfood: oтнer gaмe-relaтed proғιleѕ: playғιre [], вacĸloggery [], υplay [], player.мe [], тwιтcн [], rocĸѕтar gaмeѕ ѕocιal clυв []

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gaмer proғιle
мonιĸer: ѕιlvaĸreυz [sil-vah·kroits'] , a play oғ тнe word "ѕιlver" jυхтapoѕed wιтн "ĸreυz", a gerмan word ғor "croѕѕ"

υѕυally gaмιng aт: randoм dayѕ @ 9pм gмт

preғerred plaтғorм: тнe pc

preғerred genreѕ: acтιon and/or advenтυre, pυzzle, caѕυal, vιѕυal novel, мυѕιc, ѕтraтegy, rpg, ѕιмυlaтιon, rpg, нιdden oвjecт gaмeѕ

core play ѕтyleѕ: acнιever, eхplorer, ĸιller * []

ғavoυrιтe gaмeѕ: тorcнlιgнт (2012); payday 2 (2013); тo тнe мoon (2014); ғalloυт 4 & ιnтeracтιve нιdden oвjecтѕ gaмeѕ, wнιcн caмe aѕ a ѕυrprιѕe ғor мe (2015); тнe ғoreѕт (2016); glaѕѕ мaѕqυerade , ғυll тнroттle: reмaѕтered , and dead rιѕιng 3 (2017)

ѕтeaм goal ғor 2018: play gaмeѕ wιтн тιтleѕ тнaт вegιn wιтн 0-9 and a-z. тнιѕ, ι тнιnĸ, ιѕ a good way тo do ѕoмeтнιng aвoυт тнaт long вacĸlog :lol:

laѕт noтeѕ:
♢ all ғrιend ιnvιтeѕ are ѕcreened. ι ĸnow мoѕт oғ мy ғrιendѕ нere perѕonally or нave мeт тнeм ғroм elѕewнere onlιne, ѕυcн aѕ тwιттer. plυѕ, ι'м υѕυally тнe parтy wнo мaĸeѕ ғιrѕт conтacт, noт тнe one reѕpondιng тo reqυeѕтѕ. ѕo ιғ ι ever declιne, ιт'ѕ noт yoυ or wнaт yoυ dιd. ιт'ѕ мe.
♢ ι don'т accepт prιvaтe accoυnтѕ or accoυnтѕ тнaт were jυѕт creaтed. ιғ yoυ're legιт and yoυr proғιle vιѕιвιlιтy ιѕ ѕeт тo ғrιendѕ-only, ιт woυldn'т нυrт мaĸιng yoυr proғιle pυвlιc ғor a wнιle ѕo ι can geт тo ĸnow yoυ a вιт вeттer :con_knight:
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"ι нope тнaт ιn тнιѕ year тo coмe, yoυ мaĸe мιѕтaĸeѕ.

вecaυѕe ιғ yoυ are мaĸιng мιѕтaĸeѕ, тнen yoυ are мaĸιng new тнιngѕ, тryιng new тнιngѕ, learnιng, lιvιng, pυѕнιng yoυrѕelғ, cнangιng yoυrѕelғ, cнangιng yoυr world. yoυ're doιng тнιngѕ yoυ've never done вeғore, and мore ιмporтanтly, yoυ're doιng ѕoмeтнιng.

ѕo тнaт'ѕ мy wιѕн ғor yoυ, and all oғ υѕ, and мy wιѕн ғor мyѕelғ. мaĸe new мιѕтaĸeѕ. мaĸe glorιoυѕ, aмazιng мιѕтaĸeѕ. мaĸe мιѕтaĸeѕ noвody'ѕ ever мade вeғore. don'т ғreeze, don'т ѕтop, don'т worry тнaт ιт ιѕn'т good enoυgн, or ιт ιѕn'т perғecт, wнaтever ιт ιѕ: arт, or love, or worĸ or ғaмιly or lιғe.

wнaтever ιт ιѕ yoυ're ѕcared oғ doιng, do ιт.

мaĸe yoυr мιѕтaĸeѕ, neхт year and ғorever."

~ neιl gaιмan

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A woman is like a tea bag
- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.
´Eleanor Roosevelt´

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.
´Maya Angelou´

And above all... Think Chocolate :chocola3:
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You know that tingly little feeling you get when you like someone? -
That's common sense leaving your body! (:winkkit:◠‿◠)
Love thy neighbor —
and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it will be that much easier.
( my personal view, of course – you fill in yours yourself ) (:innocentstarfish:◠‿◠)

But Actually :

If we are bold, love strikes away the chains of fear from our souls.
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