Before adding me because of my mods, please put a reason why on my profile. I'd like to keep my friend list low. If it's an issue about them then just post on the addon.
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COL.G-U-N FREAK Aug 3 @ 5:49am 
idk what you talking about..
LORD O B U N G A Jul 15 @ 9:39pm 
u must be the autsic
COL.G-U-N FREAK Jul 11 @ 6:26am 
2.sewer ghoul* 8 poison boss? i think you mean poison tossing 9.ghoul car boss..its call corpse.
COL.G-U-N FREAK Jul 11 @ 6:23am 
you forgot the one of the original nextbot zombies bosses names?
COL.G-U-N FREAK Jul 11 @ 6:22am 
i can remember form it too man....
Plz plz it's been YEARS since I've ever seen the original nextbot zombies what happened to it? it was the first one here i'll list some of the zombies I remember from it. 1.poisonous monstrosity 2.sewer boss zombie 3. raging zombie (which was removed because you said you were going to ad another zombie) 4.risen 5.seekers 6.behemoth 7.zombine SS 8.poison boss (large poison zombie that throws poison) 9.ghoul car boss (large ghoul that carrys a car exhaustion pipe and car door) zombie 11.running zombie 12.reviving zombie 13.skeleton 14.leaping zombie 15.flesh tossing zombie 16.bloated zombie and then 17.the ignition zombie that's all I remember.