[ teach me to love ]

i guess it's time to leave it all behind
Yet I don't seem to able to let it go
that time of my pass the undesired sorrow,the creeping loneliness.

The emptiness makes me hollow and wonder where am I. There it appears a figure lying behind me, whispering every single thought that I have. It’s figure coal-black, it’s eyes cold like the breeze during winter. It’s bitter numbing embrace, the agonizing consolation, the constant observation.

Yet I don’t feel neither bothered nor sicken by it’s presence.

As the sun goes to bed and the moon comes to play, as the cup gets full and the pain comes again. There it appears yet again, looking down on me and filling my head with voices.

Who are you?

Sometimes I wonder, maybe it’s a friend, or maybe it’s just a part of my brain’s creation to help me ease the pain.

Even then I welcome it wholeheartedly.

- Sep 28,2018
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