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"X Polymorph" where during creation of the potion you have to add a corpse and whatever corpse you use is X.
19 hours ago
In topic VR.....
Originally posted by Crazedslaw Mk.II:
Binding Controls to kb/m based on 6DOF is extremely difficult to do
Then stop doing it. I specifically said to stop thinking in terms of motion controls and start thinking in terms of mechanics.

Opening a door in VR requires moving around in 3D space and, yes, it would be difficult to pilot a virtual motion controller in 3D space on a flat monitor in order to open the door the exact same way... But you don't have to do it the same way. You can just let the player press E to open the door.

Yes, it would take time and resources to make a flat version. The point is, people are obfuscating "won't" and "can't". Arguing that it can't work on a flat screen is dumb. Everything could be converted or replaced with a similar mechanics that don't require motion controls pretty easily. They won't do it because it would defeat the purpose of the game existing but not because they can't do it.
19 hours ago
In topic VR.....
And almost all of that can be bound to traditional controls. I'm sure you've played kb/m FPS games before. This isn't rocket science. R to reload, mouse to aim, E as a context-sensitive action button to open doors or rip off headcrabs... Healing? Seriously? Nope, never had healing in a FPS game before. Impossible outside of VR.

Instead of thinking about making motion controls work on a kb/m try thinking about making the mechanics work or, if necessary, just replace the mechanics with something similar that does work on kb/m.

The argument is dumb. FPS games work on kb/m. They've been around forever.
20 hours ago
In topic VR.....

Listen, there is zero point pretending that a FPS made for VR can't work on a flat screen. Zero. It's a dumb argument. I'm not going to sugar coat it. It's dumb. Yes, it would require replacing some motion controller mechanics with more simplified ones but 99% of the game could work just fine with stock FPS mechanics - mouse to aim, click to shoot, E to open doors, etc. It's not difficult.

As I said above, though, the only reason that's not going to happen is because this game was made specifically to be VR-exclusive. Making a flat version would defeat the entire purpose of it existing.
Then I would assume your computer changed. Maybe you were running a background process that interfered with the test the second time. There's nothing mystical about VR. It simply needs to run games at certain resolutions and framerates. That's what the Performance Test checks. You could even skip the test and just compare your system specs with the recommended ones on the page.
Jan 18 @ 1:09pm
In topic Okay what is cheapest VR one could get?
The cheapest gaming headset would be a WMR for $200 or less. They're made by a few companies like Lenovo, Acer and HP. That's the answer to the question that people seem to be avoiding answering.
The listed requirements are close to the minimum for a VR-capable PC. If you can run VR then you should be able to run HLA. If you're unsure whether or not you can run VR, use the SteamVR Performance Test.
Jan 18 @ 11:50am
In topic Windows 10
So does the Index. They still work on Win7.
Jan 18 @ 11:40am
In topic Windows 10
Originally posted by dktronics:
It isn't just the game you should all be worried about, it's also whether VR headset drivers still support Win 7. I use Win 10 and a Rift S, so I don't even know if the latest drivers work on 7 or not. And to be honest, I don't care anymore. Win 7 is 11 years old, and has had a good run, but it's time to upgrade or get left behind.
All headsets work on Win7 except WMR. WMR only requires Win10 because it's a Microsoft device.
Jan 17 @ 2:56pm
In topic I would buy this if it was not VR
They made the game specifically for the sake of improving the VR landscape and enticing people to buy headsets. It's common sense to make it VR exclusive. If it weren't, people like you would just buy the flat version, convince yourself you aren't missing anything and not buy a headset. It would completely defeat the purpose of making a VR game in the first place.
Jan 17 @ 2:54pm
In topic Will Valve delay it ?
I couldn't care less. He needs to learn the difference between "news" and "rumor" and between "fact" and "speculation" if he wants to call his channel Valve "News" Network.
Jan 17 @ 2:37pm
In topic Will Valve delay it ?
VNN is not a trustworthy source for anything. Tyler regularly just states his own speculation as fact. I'm not even going to bother watching it. If there's no other source, then it's as good as a rumor.
Jan 16 @ 11:48am
In topic Will Valve delay it ?
I don't recall any official or unofficial word on why they pulled out of the game awards.
Jan 15 @ 9:34am
In topic Will Valve delay it ?

Unless they don't.

But they might.

Or they might not.
Jan 15 @ 6:47am
In topic Windows 10
Originally posted by Razzbow:
Originally posted by Mermaid Murder「4:1:2.5」:
Any possibility of Windows 7 or Linux support?
Probably not, right?
Just use Windows 10 lmao. Do you like having security vulnerabilities? Windows 7 also doesn't support many of the higher end VR hardware or PC components
Win7 runs VR hardware and games just fine lmao.
Jan 15 @ 4:41am
In topic Throwing headcrabs at combines
That's it. I demand a refund. VR is dead.
Jan 15 @ 4:40am
In topic what did i just find? (secret area?)
There is a map in the Guides section of the entire game world. It's pretty extensive.
Jan 14 @ 8:51am
In topic Advice on dealing with turrets
Blow them up from above/behind or don't engage them. They're pretty mean but they don't rotate.
Jan 14 @ 5:52am
In topic What's this?
[Explosion Immunity Intensifies]
Literally "zoom" with increased recoil due to Concentrated Spells perk.
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