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Ty   Ontario, Canada
Creator of TFCL. Gaming journalist. Owner of Envision Crew. Contact me for TFCL inquiries or team sponsorships.

If my friends list isn’t full, you’re welcome to add me. However, if it is full, I urge you to join my Steam community, Sidular HQ . You’re also welcome to join DeRoyalSnipers , and chat on the recently launched forums [].
Also, I do not join groups. So don’t invite me to your group, k?

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Sid's List Of Questions, Answers, and Rhetorics
Can I friend you?
Sure. I'll accept all friend requests, so long as your profile is public, and you're at least a level 5 user.

It says your friend list is full?
Well, that's a bummer! In that case, I recommend joining Sidular HQ. It's the next best thing to a friend list!

Why'd you remove me?
I get several new requests every week, and unfortunately, things tend to add up. If I removed you, it was so I could clear up some space. No hard feelings, yeah? (you can always add me back)

Are you the dude running that TF2 league thingy?
Yup, I'm the head man behind TFCL. If you have any questions, just give me a shout.

So like, are you some kind of pro?
I'm a procrastinator, yes.

Do you do trades?
No. I'll sometimes give away items, but I'll never do trades, nor will I accept trade requests. Asking me for a weapon or a hat is the quickest way to get yourself blocked.

What's your name?
My real name is Ty Harvey.

Wait, then why does everyone call you Sid?
No idea.

Can I call you Sid?

When's your next video and/or stream?

Can I be in one of your videos?
Just play with me often, and be a cool dude. Odds are, you'll get into a video eventually.

Can I play with you on one of your streams?
Sure, though just as long as you're cool about it. Don't ask me to notice you, because I'm not your senpai.

How often do you stream?
On Steam, I stream everything I play for anyone willing to watch. On Twitch, it's more of a mismatch of dates.

Can you teach me how to become a better Sniper?
I don't have the time to do one on one lessons, unfortunately.

Can I invite you to my group?
No. If you invite me to your groups, I may remove you as a friend, and/or block you.

Can I invite you to my game?
Please don't. Being bombarded by constant invites is super annoying, and makes me not wanna join at all. If I see you playing, I may join you at random. Otherwise, you're welcome to join me.

Can you join my Highlander team?
Probably not, no.

Can you ring for my team?
Perhaps, but only if I know you. If you're just some random dude, odds are, I won't ring for you.

What's your play history?
ESEA Season 23 - 28
UGC Highlander Season 19 - 22
UGC Highlander Season 24
UGC 6v6 Season 21 - 23
UGC 4v4 Season 9 - 13
RGL Season 2
RGL Season 4

Can I donate to you?
Sure, I'll gladly accept your item donation. If you donate a hat, I'll wear it at least once in one of my videos and/or during a live stream.

How are you able to always give away free stuff?
Certain third parties sponsor me by providing free loot to give away to my audience.

Can you give me [insert game here]?
No, and if you ask for free stuff, I may remove and/or block you.

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bashygalaxy Oct 13 @ 9:58am 
added so we can schedule a scrim between our teams
alex.fortnite.2009 Aug 28 @ 7:50am 
+rep dominated me like 73 times as sniper
Sidular! #laptop-in-bed Jul 22 @ 10:12am 
First impressions mean a lot to me, and if the game is crashing or performing poorly from the start, I typically stop playing said game.
Stephen Jul 21 @ 11:28pm 
Just saw your review of squad and was wondering how you can get all those issues out of 1.5 hours when I havent in 73 hours.
Cat Agent Jul 10 @ 10:26pm 
wanted to ask about tfcl production and possible interest in helping out during FLAN this weekend
Munky Jun 26 @ 7:53am 
Tfcl posters