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Personal Achievements

Nuke Master

Apply Nuke skill 5 times in a single multiplayer match

Defense Engineer

Upgrade 5 towers on a single platform to a maximum level in a multiplayer match

This is Sparta!

Play a single multiplayer match for more than 90 minutes

Oil Tycoon

Retain control over all Oil Rig platforms on the map for 5 minutes in a multiplayer match

Good Friend

Handover 3 platforms to a teammate in a single multiplayer match

Drill, Baby, Drill!

Acquire Oil Refinery skill in a multiplayer match

Crowd Lord

Acquire Increase Limit skill in a multiplayer match


Inflict more than 100500 damage in a single multiplayer match


Win 5 multiplayer matches in a row

Non-stop Fun

Play more than 5 hours in a single session

Clean hands

[Final Countdown] Complete the mission without launching Nukes


[Final Countdown] Complete the mission launching Nukes

The last drop

[Final Countdown] Complete a campaign game

Gulf of Mexico

[Guerrilla War] Destroy all Oil Barges

Che Guevara

[Guerrilla War] Capture all enemy platforms

Demolition Man

[Hijack] Apply Mine Field skill 5 times


[Hijack] Apply Napalm skill 5 times


[Under Sail] Guide all 12 Wooden Junks


[Under Sail] Guide precisely a half of Wooden Junks


[Under Sail] Complete "Another Path" chapter

Last Stand

[Breakup] Win with only one platform left


[Oil Rush] Sell 10 towers

Steal @ Kill

[Oil Rush] Steal 200 oil from Oil Storages


[Oil Rush] Win when there's only 50 oil left in the region


[On the run] Shoot down all pursuers

All-seeing Eye

[On the run] Apply Radar skill 10 times

Viva La Revolution!

[Stealing Steel] Apply both Barricade and Propaganda in one game

Best seller

[Stealing Steel] Sell tower with less than 20% HP under fire


[Stealing Steel] Complete "Frozen Hell" chapter

Mine! Mine! Mine!

[Icebound] Capture Oil Rig 5 times with Seagulls


[Forging Victory] Finish construction of all 3 platforms

Best defense is a good offence

[Forging Victory] Capture all platforms of the enemy


[Arctic Twilight] Breach enemy defenses without capturing Oil Rig

Law and Order

[Burn the Trash] Complete "Riot Raiders" chapter

Seasoned Kamikaze

[Burn the Trash] 20 mines blown


[Wild West] Apply Accelerate Construction skill three times


[Wild West] Have 20 towers built

Fresh meat

[First Blood] Begin the education

Peace maker

[Black Gold] Avoid unnecessary violence


[Black Gold] Crush Raiders stealing oil