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Liberate Khanpaa

My wife can wait

Recruit Jamshed

Warrior Within

Recruit Shenyen

Khanpaa Warrior

Recruit Roshan

German Weapons

Recruit Dariush

True Believer

Retrieve the relics

Showdown Temple

Kill Jurijen

Business Partners

Unlock the trader Dodo


Liberate the Temple on hard difficulty before Day 5


Liberate Khadwan with tactical mode ON before Day 3

Self reliance

Witness miltia defend their home against an enemy squad without your help on the worldmap

Bullet Sponge

Revive a dying militia recruit


Have one mercenary reach level 10

Field Experience

Gain 30 Level ups with one or more mercenaries during several playthroughs
0 / 30


Receive 10 shipments from Bobby Ray througout a single playthrough

One man army

Have a single mercenary kill over 200 enemies in a single playtrough

Dead man walking

Revive a single mercenary over 20 times in a single playtrough


Have a single mercenary in your service for over 10 days without ever killing anyone


Total damage taken by one or more mercenaries during several playthroughs is passes 1000000 hitpoint
0 / 1,000,000


Make 200000 $ via your daily income during several playthroughs
0 / 200,000

Hired Loyalty

Reach a total amount of 1000 days in service with all mercs across several playthroughs
0 / 1,000

Bloody Snow

Retrieve the suitcase