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Share and Share Alike

Download a mod.


Unlock all the vignettes.

Zed Industrial Complex

Complete the campaign.

Long Arm

Accrue 10,000 sniper kills.
0 / 10,000

Big Dipper

Rescue 40 or more people in one helicopter pickup.

The Operators

Accrue 10,000 infantry kills.
0 / 10,000

The Big Stick

Accrue 10,000 artillery kills.
0 / 10,000

Remote Control

Accrue 10,000 landmine kills.
0 / 10,000

Wrecking Crew

Accrue 10,000 dynamite kills.
0 / 10,000


Launch 500 Llama Bombs.
0 / 500

Tactical Camelid

Cleanse four Zed territories with one Llama Bomb.


Complete a campaign with the Triplets modifier.

International Killing Machine

Complete a campaign with the Hardcore and Permadeath modifier.

Long November

Complete a 20,000 point campaign.

The Gold Standard

Accrue 500 gold medals.
0 / 500

Llamas on Demand

Purchase a Llama Bomb.

Champion of the People

Rescue everyone in a mission.


Rescue 100 people in a mission.

Rescue Raider

Rescue 200 people in a mission.

Maximum Overrescue

Rescue 300 people in a mission.

How Fast They Are

Complete a mission under 30 seconds.

Giant's Drink

Destroy a Mega Zed.

Night Owl

Survive the night.

The Lucky Ones

Rescue 100,000 people.
0 / 100,000

Hypothesis Now

Rescue 10,000 scientists.
0 / 10,000

The Big Leagues

Complete a level-3 outbreak mission.

The Worm has Turned

Complete a level-4 outbreak mission.

Spring Cleaning

Destroy all Zed in a mission.

Snipe Hunt

Use snipers to destroy 100 Zed in a mission.

Street Sweeper

Get 100 infantry kills in a mission.


Destroy 50 Zed in one artillery strike.

Powder Keg

Destroy 50 Zed in one dynamite explosion.

Watch Your Step

Destroy 50 Zed in one landmine explosion.

They Live

Complete a campaign with the Alt. Spawning modifier.

From Above

Get 100 artillery kills in a mission.

Lit Fuse

Get 100 dynamite kills in a mission.

Hit Somebody

Get 100 landmine kills in a mission.

The Diplomats

Complete a mission with 3 players.

Ten Thousand Hours

Have a merc reach Level 5 veterancy.

Dog Days

Rescue at least 100 people in July.


Defeat Wave 7 in the KringleJammer mini-game.