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Personal Achievements

Base Builder

Capture all platforms in Final Stand

That’s Mine!

Destroy both scrap collectors in Scrap


Scan the Deadly Dragon

Expert Base Builder

Capture all platforms in Platform Capture

Life Saver

Keep all Pods alive in Lucky Horizon

The Fast and the Ruthless

Get to the scrap first and then destroy then scrap collector in Big Pile of Scrap.


Rescue all civilian transports in Rail Guns 101

Punch Stopper

Kill a Purple Core ship in Punch Stopper

No Prisoners

Capture all the pods before the enemy in Tomahawk Express


Unlock first super-sized core

That's no Moon!

Unlock first hyper-sized core


Survive 10 waves in Survival Challenge mode

Against the Odds

Survive 20 waves in Survival Challenge mode


Complete a racing mission


Complete the last mission in the campaign

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