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Personal Achievements

Victory of Mind

Complete the game for the Fanatics faction.

Victory of Freedom

Complete the game for the Freedom faction.


Win the game while playing in hardcore mode.

The beginning

Complete Joe's quest.

Victory of Power

Complete the game for the Order faction.

Victory of You!

Leave VoidExpanse behind and return to Federation systems alone.


Complete the tutorial from start to finish.


Deal 5000 damage in a single shot.

Not fun

Die 10 times.


Have 99999 or more money.

Reign of madness

Join the Fanatics faction.

Wings of freedom

Join the Freedom faction.

Fist of the order

Join the Order faction.


Destroy a total of 1000 ships or more!


Kill an enemy that is 75 levels higher than you.

Tough stuff

Kill an enemy while having less than 100 structure of your ship remaining.

Innocent blood

Kill a friendly NPC.

Your way

Kill another player in multiplayer game.

Quick judgement

Kill at least one Xengatarn ship.

Time for an adventure

Leave the starting system!

Loot a crate

Loot a crate. There is definitely something good inside!

Drilling billy

Mine lots of asteroids (100 mining cycles to be precise)!

A life

Play a total of 24 hours or more.

All together

Try multiplayer at least once.

All alone

Try singleplayer at least once.

Big party!

Play on a server with 4 or more people.

Scrambled eggs

Reach character level 5.

Fried shrimp

Reach character level 15.

Tough cookie

Reach character level 30.

Seasoned veteran

Reach character level 45!

Balls of steel

Reach character level 90!

New government

Visit a capital system of any faction.


Hack a level 1 terminal.


Hack a level 2 terminal.


Hack a level 3 terminal.