King Slayer
United States
U Mirin' Bruh?
Are U Ƒưɕƙin Mirin' Bruh?
Rei Jun 4 @ 3:44pm 
hey Im sorry but I need to block you.... I'm trying to work on myself and be a better person and you're just toxic
The Black Heavy May 17 @ 2:32pm 
King Slayer Feb 15 @ 9:30am 
okay so?
Chalita Feb 15 @ 9:04am 
camping bubba trash and tuneling hard, very sad person, you are the died
Marauder_Live ttv Feb 14 @ 12:29pm 
camping bubba. boring AF. get a life
Nekst_lvl Feb 14 @ 10:16am 
Hard tunnels and carried to a 2k by noed