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Do you 👉😜🤖 really think 🤔🤞👐 that I, the best 😜👄🐔👂Roblox player in 👌👈 the world🌎🌞🌚, plays Minecraft?☄️🍑 I’m not 🙅❌🚫 a fucking 😫😩😍 nerd 😂😂😂😂😂, I have my hot 😱😫💥🔥 slutty 🤰👅💦💧 Roblox gf named gamrgril3️⃣7️⃣6️⃣2️⃣9️⃣5️⃣ 🌺🍄🦐🐥👪 I’ve 💁👋🙌 also got at least 6️⃣ more ⚱️🔨🤹‍♀️ Roblox side hos 😍🤣😛 just watch 👁👀👁me play 💪💋💄 pizza 🍕place, I will 🌳👙👑 destroy 🤜👌😫 you, and then 😂😃😱 I’ll steal 👺😡🔫 your Minecraft 🚨THOT🚨 don’t ever 🙅🚶🤷‍♀️ judge a book 🐳💼🕶 by it’s 🦄👗👫 cover 💦💦sweaty💦💦🤷‍♀️

Daddy Devve

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Never tell your password to anyone.
003molotov003: hello
ShadowRaze: hi
003molotov003: u help me?
ShadowRaze: with?
003molotov003: sec i tell my problem
ShadowRaze: k
003molotov003: i have banned for trade .I have 500k coins and i cant get items. Can i sent u coins and u withdraw me items? Ofc... its not free…100k for u if u help me
ShadowRaze: this for a website?
003molotov003: {LINK REMOVED}
003molotov003: write in chat Hello!
what would I see you and give coins
ShadowRaze: you do realise that if i withdrawl your item i wont be able to trade them with you
ShadowRaze: so if i were to accept i would only be able to keep the items
ShadowRaze: thus meaning this is a scam
003molotov003: lol
ShadowRaze: and you wont get any items from me o the website
003molotov003: I can trade.!
I can't spend the coin on the website
ShadowRaze: you said you were trade banned
003molotov003 is now Offline.

cr: Scrim my team?
ShadowRaze: team broke down
ShadowRaze: no one was doing it
ShadowRaze: i was and like 3 other people
cr: You still have to play
cr: Get subs
cr: That aren't play
cr: Plat
cr: You have to play
ShadowRaze: no fuck you
cr: Lmao
cr: Were you soldier
ShadowRaze: yeah
cr: AHAH
cr: easy class
cr: I wish spy didn't have a knife
cr: Do I could forget about it
ShadowRaze: lol
cr: Because I miss stabs lik a mofo
cr: Three heavies
cr: None turn
cr: I swing
cr: One turns
cr: I'm gone
ShadowRaze: LOLOLOL
cr: Amby: headshot midair like crazy
cr: Never miss shots
cr: I'm good

ShadowRaze: ill mge you
ShadowRaze: if i win i get the knife
cr: I can't
cr: Do it tommorow
ShadowRaze: fine
cr: And I won't give you my knife
cr: Ahaha
ShadowRaze: fuck you
cr: You can have some pink pyro hat
ShadowRaze: sue
cr: It's like a key
ShadowRaze: sure
ShadowRaze: idc
cr: What do I get
ShadowRaze: my love <3
cr: buy a rope
ShadowRaze: why
cr: To hand yourself
ShadowRaze: hand
ShadowRaze: hand
ShadowRaze: hand
ShadowRaze: hand
ShadowRaze: hand
ShadowRaze: lol

Lazy Batman: wtf
Lazy Batman: why
Lazy Batman: dont
Lazy Batman: you
Lazy Batman: go
Lazy Batman: to
Lazy Batman: school
Lazy Batman: you
Lazy Batman: newb
ShadowRaze: I DO
Lazy Batman: Stfu
Lazy Batman: Tom is eight years older than Claire. The sum of their ages is 54. How old is Tom?
Lazy Batman: STFU
Lazy Batman: AIGHT?
ShadowRaze: aight
Lazy Batman: hey.
Lazy Batman: help me
Lazy Batman: Tom is eight years older than Claire. The sum of their ages is 54. How old is Tom?
Lazy Batman: that's the question
ShadowRaze: divide \ by 2
ShadowRaze: then take 8
ShadowRaze: isnt it?
ShadowRaze: idk
Lazy Batman: xD
Lazy Batman: Idk
Lazy Batman: yea
ShadowRaze: claire is 21
ShadowRaze: and
ShadowRaze: tom is
ShadowRaze: 35
ShadowRaze: idk
Lazy Batman: No
Lazy Batman: claire
ShadowRaze: yeha
Lazy Batman: is
Lazy Batman: 23
Lazy Batman: lol
ShadowRaze: uck
ShadowRaze: eh
ShadowRaze: what evs
ShadowRaze: lol your bad
ShadowRaze: needed my to igure it out
Lazy Batman: You're*
Lazy Batman: Nah
Lazy Batman: I have
Lazy Batman: my 2 other friends
Lazy Batman: heling me
Lazy Batman: lol
ShadowRaze: i failed english stu
ShadowRaze: stfu
ShadowRaze: .-.
Lazy Batman: lol
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: AND
Lazy Batman: YOu"RE AUSSIE
Lazy Batman: IM ASIAN
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: AND I
Lazy Batman: GOT
Lazy Batman: A
Lazy Batman: 18-17 READING TEST
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: HA
Lazy Batman: YOU'RE BAD
ShadowRaze: FUCK

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