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One of the best games I've ever played.

I bought this during winter sale, without any expectations. Installed, started and played for about half an hour. Loved the art style and startup. Ran into an (almost) game breaking bug. Applied for a refund. Heart said to try it out again. Tried with KB/M and it worked flawlessly. Took the chance and cancelled the refund request. That my friends, was the best decision I made.

This game has changed me. With engaging story (Looking at you, Skyrim), Interesting characters and beautiful world, I was hooked. The soundtrack is really good and the world feels alive (kind of).

Not a good writer so I'll keep this short.

+ Really good Story
+ Interesting and annoyingly good characters
+ Many Boss and Mini-Boss fights
+ Unique art style
+ Good controls for both KB/M and Controller
+ Will teach you about life (really)
+ Crafting
+ Multiple classes, which you can change anytime via skill reset OR merge two of them (recommended)
+ Funny dialogues
+ Really Easy even on Hard (Depends on you)
+ Different type of environments
+ Huge Open World
+ So many side quests (Many are too good)
+ Choice based dialogue system (doesn't affect ending though)
+ Really Good DLCs

- Slightly un-optimized
- Does have some game breaking bugs (I never encountered one)
- Easy (Again depends on you)

Overall, I whole heartily recommend this game. Buy the complete collection with DLC and you won't regret this. I'm sad that we won't see a sequel, but with the size of the world, we may not need it.

I rank this game in my top 3 games, with Half Life 2 and STALKER.
Finally, I have to say this. Better then Skyrim in many aspects. 10/10.
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