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Aug 10 @ 6:35am
In topic Devlog: Global Map
spells, we need a lot of spell and co-op. Good job guys!
I've had the game for over 5 years... I know many things have changed for the better. Game developers like this (still releasing new content) I treat them like strippers. Every time I can, I Throw more money in their pants. The only problem is that I lost my save and the most of my cosmetics... I don't want to farm and grind crystals again if I have any chance of losing some of my ♥♥♥♥... how often does this happen? btw time frame was 2 years.
did some testing but hard to have 100% sure.
I use F so much easy than E in middle of blood bath
Apr 9 @ 12:32pm
In topic [Suggestion] Equipment need lv indicator
I'm trying to upgrade all my chars but I can use gear because of lv, but there's no place showing current equipment level to equip.
I have i7 10th + Geforce GTX 1080 ftw
Sound goes on but game stopped.
Apr 5 @ 11:24am
In topic There's any storange near Sickly Crypt?
Originally posted by ecl1pse:
You can keep your items in those graves near dungeon
it's rebooting every couple day in my seed. So... it's free loot but no extra storange.
Apr 1 @ 6:52pm
In topic There's any storange near Sickly Crypt?
Almost all dungeon has some type of forever storange, but seems that graveyard has none. I like to keep water, food and medines outside of dungeon in case of emergency.
I still know that game is develepoment, can u case implement that?
Jan 19 @ 12:04pm
In topic Question about house
if that char save game die, do I keep itens stored in house for next run?
at least not with Druid, died from bleed.
Jan 10 @ 5:57pm
In topic Abandoned Game?
full of bugs, I'm geting my money back.
Jan 10 @ 5:56pm
In topic BUG - Inner power
if u get this card in u hand after discard a lot of cards and use as last word not working.
Jan 10 @ 5:51pm
In topic BUG - Namesis card
Not working when there's only one monster in room.
Originally posted by delvr:
@Snooper I think you're talking about the Angry status (Loyalty = 0). OP was probably talking about the "Character A hates character B" relationship, and SoM's answer is correct in that case.
yes! I think it's forever.
some times works...
Dialog asking "Yes" or "no" a lot of time you click in the screen and bam! u got ♥♥♥♥♥ skill.
nm, was ♥♥♥♥♥ quest found all my ♥♥♥♥ buried
Got in village when I check my equipment all my weapons gone.
Jun 24, 2020 @ 12:03am
barrel(chest) outside a dungeon showing items placed in another dungeon, it`s like sharing space in different locations
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