Dead inside
Names Aryan (or ryan)

^ Yes it's my girlfriend stop asking *-*
I edit anime and play cs for a living
Instagram: @shotosen plx go give me hate I love it <3

I love you, Katie <3

"My Friend Jamie yeah..."
This all stemmed from: Money can't buy you happiness

Read Genisis chapter 19. Two angels and two virgin daughters get raped. True facts.

Twitch gamer wanks 4 times a day andwalked in on his mate jerking off to asian porn (nugget porn). he was home alone with mcdonalds bageals (pfft) and used it as a make-shift vagina the dog eats it and he cums over the dog and his parents walked in on him

Got sucked off for the first time, when he was about to cum he thrusted her whole junk in her mouth and taps the back of her head and she had it coming threw her nose

[✞] [☭] [♕] Kenolt : I was a virgin cuz up until a year and a half ago I was a fat fuck

Kenolt got a blowjob 'stops thrusting towards her face and then starts strocking her face' - she stops.
His first time; asks what to do when he is about to nut, tells him to do it "elsewhere" and he goes and nuts in the bathroom.
Kenolt: I just went to the bathroom and realised something; my left testicle hangs lower than the other, is this normal?"
G e n e s i s 1 9

I got sent a nude by a girl I had been talking to for 2 weeks, she then never talks to me again, I thought I could make it leed to sex, she never says anything after sending the nudes - Kenolt
the girl who cheated on me im not guna lie, im fuckin salty and upset still by that and it was over a year ago, her face is beutiful, her ass is huge like FUCKIN huge and her tits are nice round and big enough to titty fuck and I never got to fuck her but some fuckin ugly CUNT from my rugby cunt fuckin nuts in her, FUCKIN IN HER! the cunt
Probably the only other bad thing is that the girl who stopped gibing me a bj mid way through, she now goes out with the guy who spots me weed
He doesnt know it happened and Im too embarressed to tell anyone
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SupA Jun 4 @ 1:40pm 
he is n word
SupA Jun 3 @ 9:58pm 
-rep bad at cs he is like 2 rank
TekSuport May 21 @ 12:16pm 
+rape child molester
Sniffler May 19 @ 5:44am 
+rep kawaii sugoi desu ochinchin senpai
TekSuport May 14 @ 10:24am 
-rape dis men stole my dragen lorre. he meny skam me for all my monni. my dad is gaben, me meny give you da bann
Krytos May 1 @ 2:52am 
+rep, hes too easy to abuse. What a nerd.