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:silver_K:  About
:ruby: Hi, my name is Shimsho (Reece) and I am a young visionary online entrepreneur! The Red Bot which you are currently on serves as a raffle bot where you can use keys to enter raffles and get a chance at winning incredible csgo prizes that are worth more than you deposited! Raffles are played against other users and winners can be found once the raffle reaches its set slot amount. The more keys you deposit, the greater chance you have of winning!
Best of Luck,
- Shim

:silver_K:  How to use?

:ruby: 1. ADD [Steam//friends] the bot to your friends list.
:ruby: 2. Using the !raffles command find your desired raffle you wish to enter.
:ruby: 3. Use the !enter [raffle number] [slot amount] command to enter your desired raffle and the amounts of slots you wish to enter. The bot will automatically send a trade offer with the keys you need to deposit.
:ruby: 4. Wait until all the slots fill and the bot will send you a message alert if you won the raffle.

:silver_K:  Commands

:ruby: !raffles - displays active raffles
:ruby: !enter [raffle number] [slot amount] - sends a trade offer for the keys and enters the raffle
:ruby: !won - checks if you won a raffle
:ruby: !completed - lists all recent raffles
:ruby: !owner - links to main profile
:ruby: !help - shows a how to use guide
:ruby: !commands - lists all commands

:silver_K:  Accounts

:ruby: Main Profile

:ruby: Raffle Bot

:ruby: Junk Bot

:ruby: Skin ⇄ Key Bot

[more coming soon]

:silver_K:  Social Media

                                         Twitter                      Youtube                     Steam
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