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:herocute:  About
:rd_love: Hi, my name is Shimsho (Reece) and I am a young visionary online entrepreneur! The orange bot you are currently viewing serves as a card level up bot. You can use this bot to exchange your game keys for the card rate. Card bots are an easier way of purchasing cards compared to regular steam store which can take hours to locate and craft badges. Enjoy leveling up your account.
- Shim

:herocute:  How to use?

:rd_love: 1. ADD [Steam//friends] the bot to your friends list.
:rd_love: 2. Using the !level [desired amount] command find your desired level price.
:rd_love: 3. Use the !buy [amount of keys] command to buy the cards. The bot will automatically send you a trade offer
:rd_love: 4. Wait until all the trade has been confirmed and proceed to level up your profile.

:herocute:  Commands

:rd_love: !check - shows how many unique badges you can craft and how many the bot has in total
:rd_love: !level [desired amount] - checks how much xp it would take to reach your desired level and how many keys it would cost.
:rd_love: !buy [amount of keys] - how many keys you are going to use buying cards. For example: !buy 1 would get you 12 sets.
:rd_love: !sell [amount of keys] - how many keys you want to sell for the amount of cards you own.
:rd_love: !sellcheck - check how many cards you can sell to the bot
:rd_love: !owner - links to main profile
:rd_love: !help - shows a how to use guide
:rd_love: !commands - lists all commands

:herocute:  Accounts

:rd_love: Main Profile

:rd_love: Raffle Bot

[more coming soon]

:herocute:  Social Media

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