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Don’t usually own skins, prefer money :p


Instant accept/decline trade BOT | Only CS:GO items
If the price of your items are higher than the bots items it will accept. Trade link BOT#1 Trade link BOT#2 Trade link BOT#3 Trade link BOT#4 Trade link BOT#5 Trade link BOT#6


Steam 64 ID: 76561198073853584
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:The_portal:  About
:amethyst:Hi, my name is Shimsho (Reece) and I am a young visionary online entrepreneur!
:amethyst: I have experience in multiple computing areas and tend to pick up skills extremely fast.
:amethyst:Over the past 5 years on steam I have gone from sitting on the edge of my bed using a windows xp computer to owning an extreme gaming setup that I would never imagine owning at my age currently, as well as having skills in all areas on graphic design, motion design, editing and html, css, and java programming.
:amethyst: I have worked with multiple big online companies and well-known online users.
:amethyst: If you would like to add me make sure to leave a detailed comment about why you wish to add me!
- Shim

:The_portal:  References
:amethyst: BoltGG []
:amethyst: CSGOTrademe []
:amethyst: TradePUBGme []
:amethyst: Skinbaron []
:amethyst: CSTradeGG []
:amethyst: CSTrade []
:amethyst: Wax Tokens []
:amethyst: BlissGG []
:amethyst: Thunderpick []
:amethyst: CSGOSell []
:amethyst: SkinCash []
:amethyst: CSDeals []
:amethyst: Gagey
:amethyst: Qappz
:amethyst: El Boom
:amethyst: Sprayy

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:The_portal:  Setup

:amethyst: Motherboard: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Z170A
:amethyst: Processor: Intel i7 6700k LGA1151
:amethyst: Memory: Corsair Vengeanc RED LED 2x 8GB
:amethyst: HDD: Seagate 2TB BarraCuda 7200RPM
:amethyst: SSD: Samsung SSD 750 EVO 250GB
:amethyst: Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 X 6GB
:amethyst: Monitor: 3x 27' Samsung Curved Monitor
:amethyst: Power Supply: Cougar GX 1050 W
:amethyst: Case: Deep Cool Tesseract Black and Blue

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Profile inspired by /NuitCSGO , /jambozx and /Endjui
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Free Items!
:amethyst: Each comment you place on my profile you will recieve a skin, make sure you leave your tradelink with your comment! (Max. 5 Per day)
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