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I've nominated Elite Dangerous for the "Choices Matter Award" for several reasons: Choices determin 'what' you are in this game. Choices have brought upon us the Thargoids and bad choices might just let you burn up in some Corona belonging to a star no one has ever seen close up before.

A few facts before I start actually talking about the game:
- Most of my playtime is logged in the non-Steam client. (in total still only a few hundred hours though - for real-life-reasons)
- I almost exclusively play using my Oculus Rift DK2.
- This is my favorite game. Of all games that where made up until now. If you're not interested in a biased, positive review ... you might as well stop here. Continue reading if you want to know more about the 'why'. ;)

Now that that's out of the way ... here are my thoughts about the game:

I guess one of the most important aspects when approaching this game is to be prepared for an experience, that is less focused on reward systems and more on moment to moment gameplay. If you start playing Elite Dangerous aiming to grind through all steps of the ship and equipment progression system in order to 'then' enter some kind of end game ... well, depending on how much you like the other aspects of the game you might or might not enjoy it, but for that kind of player I do think there are better games out there.

Now why is that? While there certainly is progression in Elite Dangerous it (in my opinion) clearly takes a backseat vs the moment to moment gameplay. While (if you are looking for the kick of progressing faster and optimizing more than someone else) this may be a downside, it's actually a big plus for everyone else ... simply because you do not have to grind anything at all to enjoy the game. I will admit that a VR Headset might serve as a multiplier for the beforementioned moment to moment experience, but it is there in any case: The small moments of gameplay are rewarding in and of themselves.

Other aspects that make this game worth your time? Well:
- You can play the way you want to play: Solo, closed group or open play with unlimited PvP ... all with the same savegame. You can just switch.
- You get a great representation of our galaxy and, if you dare to go out there, leaving the bubble of colonized space: a sense of being an insignificant individual lost in the void.
- great sound design (note: this game does benefit from good headphones or speaker system!)
- really good visuals (The Cobra engine was developed over many years and used for other games by the same developers, but in the background the idea to implement a new Elite game using it was always there ... and it shows.)
- a really satisfying flight model (Be warned though, that it's not exactly realistic, but instead was designed to prevent certain playstyles deemed undesirable by the developers.)

- Landings on planets with atmosphere aren't yet implemented. (Man, I'm waiting for that!)
- If you play it using a VR headset ... only once ... going back to anything else in space gaming is really, really tough.