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shblovetruth Aug 13 @ 1:58pm 
@Vitosa - Rex , I can barely run them, at a very low FPS value, on Nvidia 820M or on another poorer Geforce 610M (both are not GTX version). So, if you can kindly buy me a more powerful graphics card, then yes I can run them much better...:steamhappy:
Vitosa - Rex Jul 5 @ 9:06pm 
you like all games with realistic graphics?

......boi, you can't even run em. or can you?
Vitosa - Rex Jul 5 @ 9:06pm 
shblovetruth Jul 5 @ 7:48am 
@Vitosa - Rex Thanks for your kindness, but I'm poor and really have no money for now.
Vitosa - Rex Apr 8 @ 2:36pm 
I meant to say it's time for an upgrade, not "it's for an upgrade"
Vitosa - Rex Apr 8 @ 2:35pm 
damn I feel bad for you honestly. I saw your post on SQUAD where you said you only play 7-20 fps on almost all games. it's for an upgrade. at least something affordable like a gtx 750 TI or something around that.