[BMS] Shawn Olson
Shawn Olson   Ohio, United States
I am the developer of the Wall Worm Model Tools which you can find at https://wallworm.com . These tools are the pipeline for 3ds Max to Source. I also work on Black Mesa [www.blackmesagame.com].

My Blog: http://www.shawnolson.net
Autodesk Feature: From Black Sheep to Black Mesa and Beyond [area.autodesk.com]
Speaking @ GDC: Reaching Goals with 3ds Max

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Cyril_ Feb 20 @ 5:50pm 
[BMS] Shawn Olson Dec 17, 2019 @ 7:44am 
I wanted to share with my circle the struggle I faced with cancer in 2019: http://shawnolson.net/a/1872/cancer.html . I didn't make it general knowledge, but now that I've gotten through it wanted to share. If you contacted me and I never got back this year, you may now understand why.
vortal Feb 26, 2019 @ 5:33pm 
hey shawn! added you because your work rocks and i've been trying to capture your environment aesthetic in ue4 and wanted to show you!! hope that's ok!!
B_CANSIN Nov 19, 2018 @ 1:51pm 
Well after years and years finally good to see that one you can trust me I following BMS so many years I didn't change my profile picture too Its time to choose of bms maybe for 10-11 years using it. Thank you for everything.