Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Do NOT disturb me when I'm gaming!
You can leave me a message, but please don't spam me when I'm in-game. I hate it when people disturb me when I'm gaming. I don't idle in game, so if you see I'm in-game, that means I'm gaming.
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If you wish to contact me when I'm offline, just send me an offline message. Don't leave comments on my profile. Although I do read them, I simply don't respond to them.

So many games to play, so little time to play.
My favorite bands are FIR and Mayday.
I love Hatsune Miku, Final Fantasy, and Gundam.

My 100% Achievement showcase [cheevos.zero.my]
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If you want to trade cards, just send me an offline trade offer.

Don't send me a trade request! I don't want to browse my huge inventory to find your cards. If they are from the same game, I will usually accept all the time. If they aren't from the same game, then please check the Steam Community Market for their values and send a fair offer.

Do NOT send more than 5:5 card per offer unless they are all from the same game.

Sorry traders, I will not leave rep just because we traded something.

I will only leave rep if :-
1) Our trade involve non-tradable stuff, my rep will prove you to be legit trader; or
2) You overpaid. My rep is a "gratitude" rep.

Price list
Kingdoms of Amalur = 3 keys

Call of Duty: World at War = 7 keys

Assassin's Creed: Revelation Gold = 5 keys

The Witcher 2 = 3 keys

RAGE + DLC = 4 keys

Warhammer 40k Space Marine = 3 keys

Trade Offer Link:

Past indie bundles for sale [gaming.zero.my]
Steam keys for trade [gaming.zero.my]

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Traders Guild - Public Group
Do you have something to trade? Want to be updated on the best deals out there? Join us and hangout with us in the chatroom!
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xinheng Jun 28 @ 3:56am 
hi malaysian?
Chester Jun 26 @ 5:18pm 
I wanted to ask if there's any way of appealing a ban i recieved 1-2 if not even more years ago, in the traders guild for saying some masturbation/cum joke or some shit like that in group chat which gave me a Forum ban( For being vulgar in the ?comments? and chat ) .And then later InAmberClad was spoiling games in group chat, so i wrote who the killer was in Life is Strange for what he then banned me, because spoiling other peoples fun is nice but when someone spoils his game he bans for that because thats what admin powers are there for.
Makkatya Apr 21 @ 6:33am 
Ty, for the giveaway!
MadIqImYurDa-d Mar 29 @ 12:28am 
How Much Pussy Does This Guy Get?

QUISS Mar 20 @ 7:53pm 
Hi, I've won one of your giveaways but the code you sent seems to be invalid, can you please recheck it? It's about this https://www.steamgifts.com/giveaway/hh3Vh/paranormal
CatMaker🐾 Mar 16 @ 6:23am 
Thank you for notification! Pick up only on weekends