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              Welcome at my profile :cozycrashfish: !

After all of these years being here, I decided to create a little info box since most of my Steam friends only know SharkY as a profile and not as a human being. I'm not the most socialable person here, but I still like to talk about things I'm interested in :)

1) A little about me
2) Personal interests
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My name is SharkY, I am a 19 years old university student living in Hungary. I can speak both Hungarian and Croatian natively since I'm from a mixed family :) !
I'm studying as a Computer Science engineer and in the future I'm planning to work as a video game developer (preferably a level designer, but I'm open to anything as long as games are in the focus).
Apart from the aforementioned langauges I can also speak English, German, almost all South Slavic langauges and I'm currently studying Japanese as a fun hobby. I'm also planning to learn Swedish and Dutch, since both of these countries interest me!

As a lifelong goal I am striving to become a modern polymath - sometimes I feel like I have way to many interests but since I'm never bored it might not be a bad thing after all :) ...
Apart from the obvious (informatics and video-games) I am interested in literature (both classic and modern, mainly European and Asian), music (I have a very diverse taste and also occasionally I create some songs as well), psychology (addictology is something I research currently), philosophy (I consider myself a stoic), science (everything from mathematics to physics) and in some more obscure themes, like the indie horror scene.
In terms of media I also consume quite much anything: nowadays I mostly watch animes (due to actively immersing in Japanese audio) and movies, but I like to watch TV-series as well!
A (maybe) interesting fact for you: if I watch a content with English audio I do not use a subtitle. I feel like it often takes from my overall enjoyment. Only if the audio is foreign for me, will I use it...

In terms of gaming, again, I like everything - it might be a clique but I cannot help it, I'm just too much interested in everything! I mostly play games that are on the "chiller" side like simulator / management games, choices matter games or just simply story driven games. I want to get into open world games, but sadly didn't really had the time till now to dedicate to these...
If I had to choose a favorite (even if I had multiple) I would say it's Firewatch. No explanation - I just love it.
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The indie horror genre in recent years took a quite noticeable turn and divided into two subgenres: developers either make a PS1-styled “retro” game (which, I can assure you has no elements that could earn the prestigious retro title) or realize that kids don’t know yet what a quality horror is, and make something tied to childhood - killing animatronics, a toy that for some reason tries to eat you and a seemingly friendly kindergarten - also known as Garten of Banban.
The game falls into this heavily oversaturated genre, and while it has some interesting elements, really it cannot give anything notable, moreover, I would even say it is one of the most unimaginative titles I’ve ever played.

The Influence

We cannot go by the fact that this game was heavily influenced by another indie title that took the internet by storm a few years ago: Poppy Playtime. It is actually a really great title with a really deep lore, mostly filled with theories and some occasional hints from the developers - it is based in a factory run by Playtime Co., which was a notable toy factory, until one day every single worker disappeared!
Childish look? Check. Foggy backstory? Check. Toys that want to eat you? (Half) Check. Weird mechanic? Check.
I just simply cannot ignore the fact that the developers of this game didn’t only inspire by Poppy Playtime, but also copied the things that worked there.

The Story

The actual story consists of two sentences, which you can read right after you start the game. In a cryptic way, we are told that our child has gone missing and we as a parent must act quickly - or at least this is my interpretation, as I mentioned it is literally two lines.
Yes, this is completely unoriginal but it could serve as a great base, from which future chapters could build - we have seen multiple games in the genre doing this and in the end turning out great!
There are some occasional papers scattered around the map, but it would be a bit bald to call them lore elements. I am not expecting a big story from a game that only consists of 30 minutes, but it is necessary to catch a player’s attention, which for me is only possible if I have a clear view of the story.
The ending was of course open, in the time of writing this review Chapter 2 already came out, which most likely continued and maybe even expanded the story, hence even fixing my aforementioned issues.

The Gameplay

Completely standard “get object A in order to progress to point B” type of game, with something the developers called “a unique twits” - in this title for whatever reason you have a freaking drone that cannot fly properly, that has wacky controls and sometimes even completely disappears from the map; but yes, I have never seen anything like this, kudos guys!
I hated this drone, not because of the controls but because it has zero sense to be in this environment. Why would a kindergarten have buttons that can only be activated with a drone? Why have 3 kinds of keycards in a building as big as two tissue papers? The game is riddled with these questionable design choices, which is also the reason it cannot function properly as a game.
There was zero atmosphere for me, the only horror was one single chase sequence, which in reality was only a 15-second long puzzle…

Final Verdict

While this is a short and also free title, I cannot recommend it to anyone. It has zero originality, almost no story, blank and irritating gameplay with some average visuals.
If you want to play a horror title that is similar but actually acts as a horror game, I can easily recommend the aforementioned Poppy Playtime!
Also, many reviews mention the fact that this was made by two people, as an act to defend the game. Let me tell you, there are hundreds of amazing titles made by only one single developer - lengthy games with tons of artwork and deep storylines or simple games with mind-blowing ideas; you name it. But don’t tell me, that two people after downloading most 3D art from the internet couldn’t make a better game. I also make games, so won’t accept this point.

Note to the Developers

In the case of the developers seeing this review - please, be open to criticism! Part of the reason that I gave a negative review today is the fact, that neither of you can act like a grown-up and just throw childish replies to anyone who dares to say something negative about the game.
Initially, after playing I kinda liked what I got, but after going deeper into the topic and learning about the whole controversy, there is no way I would recommend this. Good luck with your other projects.
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