Shana   Buckeburg, Niedersachsen, Germany
Hey, I'm a level designer, 3D artist and I recently started learning programing.
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About me
I've been doing level design since 2005, 3D modeling since 2010, texturing since 2017 and started learning C++ programing in mid-2019.

I'm probably best know for my work on Obsidian Conflict, a co-op mod for Half-Life 2 heavily focusing on custom content.

I work with UE4, Source, Blender, Substance Painter / Designer and recently Visual Studio.

You can check some of my work in the links below, altough I'm pretty bad at updating my social media etc, so none of them are complete.

My (barely complete) Artstation [www.artstation.com]
Obsidian Conflict, A HL2 Coop Mod [obsidianconflict.net]
My (not very active) Twitter
My Sketchfab [sketchfab.com]
My stuff on CG Trader [www.cgtrader.com]
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Because a) You're a stranger and it's none of your business and b) I'm not interested in whatever it is you're after
sigr the PSI-LORD Jul 17 @ 3:59pm 
Well why don't you answer the question?
FlameOfHeaven Jul 17 @ 3:05am 
Now you know it is. You're welcome!
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I don't think its inappropriate to ask you that question.
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You weren't being nice, you were asking a complete stranger an inappropriate question.
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You could answer me. I was being nice.