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Disclaimer: I received this through Humble Bundle Monthly.

The Turing Test is a linear puzzle game, much in the style of portal, where you are fed new dialog and information after every puzzle. It differs from portal in that rather than clever, passive agressive remarks, you get thrown concepts that make you think about what makes us human, and whether an A.I. could ever become concious and if we could even figure out if it had.

The puzzles arn't very challenging until the very end, though the game keeps you interested by making you want to find out what happened to the crew members, and whether or not the A.I., Tom, may be responsible. The Turing Test is a blend of both The Talos Principle and Portal, but fails to be as good as either. Nonetheless, it is still a very solid game that will make you think about your existence while you solve some fun puzzles.
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