Matija   Nigeria
If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you
Average at best.
Basically I hack

*DEAD* steel beams : nice hacks lmao
*DEAD* Shady : thanks
steel beams : np
steel beams : <3

dN' | Zyid : shady is a hacker

*DEAD* PHONG_ : nope his hacks 2strong
Shady : mine?
PHONG_ : yes
PHONG_ : aimbot 2good

Shady : gg
Frosenwarrior : nice aimbot
Frosenwarrior : turn the aimbot off
Frosenwarrior : yes getting a headshot 90% of the time is aimbotting

|ByyG| ❄iWiint3r❄ Kawaii :3 : How is that possible, tf2 in this days have more hackers... 900 hours play like a pro...

*DEAD* Teamplayer : 33 aimlock.

(TEAM) Bane : you're hacking
(TEAM) Bane : i's sad

Shadow Assassin: are u hacker?

Dominator of Dominators (DoD) : hallz cheater

Schneemannreiter : hes damn good
*DEAD* Po : who?
ChimpTheGamer | trade.tf : who
*DEAD* Schneemannreiter : hallz

Mr Potato : nwa aimbot
*DEAD* Ram : lol
*DEAD* Ram : Its called skills

Mr.Picklas : nice auto aim bro


CrampAss: how did you get gud at sniper
Santa Hallz #33 lft: i'm not good
Santa Hallz #33 lft: average at best

Crowns.AMS (Score:20) defeats Shady #33 (Score:8) in duel to 20 on Gullywash Middle

Shady #33: why are we saying the same things
Maku: cause great minds think alike?

Maku: quit education for tf2 xd

Maku: *puts on cap and grows a goatee* LETS GET REEEEIGHT INTO THE NEWS
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6ix God: i didn't post that
6ix God: i am nigerian
Maku: Lies, and i, as the killer memestar, will expose you and report you as news.

Pittsburgh: i was so confused
Pittsburgh: your voice sounds different
Pittsburgh: on discord
Pittsburgh is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
ILL Mind of Hallz #33: yeah
ILL Mind of Hallz #33: but you'll get used to ir i guess
ILL Mind of Hallz #33: cause it's so sexy
Pittsburgh: makes me moist
Pittsburgh: *lenny face*

i don't have consistent heals - BARA
that's because i didn't expect you to jump into the whole enemy team -me
you should have known, i'm crazy as fuck - BARA

Games where i was half decent:

Living as a black man in the skin of the white man.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take
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-REP ♥♥♥♥ing cheater