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Andrey Oliveira Santos   Itabaiana, Sergipe, Brazil
Small Youtuber, Sourcemod, C and C# programmer, aspiring server owner.
I accept Sourcemod commissions (DM for discussing price).
Comment the reason you're adding me first or i'm going to decline.
Discord ID: Shadow Mario#9396
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Hello, and welcome to my profile!
Name's Shadow Mario, i'm currently 19 years old, my birthday is at December 7th from year 2000, so, feel free to say "Pepega" to me for celebrating my bday.

My English isn't the best, i'm from Brazil, sorry, oof :ccknight:

I'm currently one of the Custom TF2 Weapons developers.
I love JoJo's Bizarre Adventure , as you may have noticed by the Prof. Killstreak Eviction Notice named "Star Platinum Over Heaven" that i highlighted in my profile, but for the love of god, don't dare saying "Kono Dio Da" to me, it belongs in the trashbag called r/animemes.

I'm also a administrator from the famous Servers [], usually playing at Brazillian servers.

I'm also a intermediate SourcePawn programmer.
Contact me and i am able to do some Simple Scripts at a Reasonable Price (Only accepting refs/keys, no PayPal).
Here's my most interesting, yet underrated, plugin []. It restores a bunch of weapons (and also the Saharan Spy set) to it's older stats (NOTE: That plugin is kinda old and the script itself has some stupidities in it, i should update it someday though).

I'm also a small YouTuber too (a bit over 4k subs), but that's more of a hobby, so my channel is pretty much dead.
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#3 King Demomidas and his alt Dominik
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need to ask a question, thats why i added you
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yes yes
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The Doppio and Josuke hair are just, amazing.
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+rep Seu corno chato
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I don't know you.