Jonas   Kobenhavn, Denmark
If you want to be toxic in my comment section after having played with/against me then go ahead :victorypeacesign:
I might fire back tho :emofdr:
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Hi friends!
I'm just a bullshitter who's gaming too much

Short PUBG clip, m24 no-scope headshot.

CSGO - Road to Global episode 1 & 2 (short clips)


I occasionally open some csgo cases, opened far too many.
Got 22 golds so far.
16 Knives. - Best I got: Butterfly Sapphire Factory New
6 Gloves. - Best i got: Spearmint Field-Tested.

[5:22 PM]
have c0ck large penis'd top tier danish specimen big mama p*ssy slayer

[4:04 PM]
So there I was, walking down the street and I saw a wild Havoc. Just strolling around, A LIVE HAVOC IN THE WILD! I've finally realised my dream, I say to myself as I slowly start to touch myself at the realisation of what I've just saw. As my balls start to rumble, the wild Havoc begins to approach me. Startled, I pull up my pants but its too late. I've stained myself, and more so my ego. The wild Havoc then greets me and then saunters off into the sunset, never to be seen again...
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7,031 Hours played
My amount of hours in the game says it all doesn't it?

more or less played 2 hours a day every day for 7 and a half year, i should have went to the gym instead.
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Horny Platypus Nov 28 @ 8:01am 
very friendly transgender. Beautifull genitals also.
pink Nov 27 @ 7:40am 
+rep w teammate <3
Potentially unwanted Nov 4 @ 11:29am 
Mr Spotter is not amused, you have to watch out havoc he might punch you out of existence
PRISCΛ Nov 4 @ 9:47am 
imagine having close to 5k hours and play like a drunk ape, go ♥♥♥♥ yourself, bastard xd
Havoc Oct 29 @ 8:37am 
You surely like double standards friend, telling me to move on while you're the one keeping the argument going.
Polaranger.ttv Oct 28 @ 6:35pm 
and i was also stating fact havoc you need to move on over a stupid game you kept going all night last night and again now idc the reason just move on