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Alsander Mulligan   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Hello, I'm Alexander Mulligan.

I'm Bisexual while preferring Males

I'm 22 years of age

I'm of Irish, Scottish and English Heritage.

I'm also a furry.

If you believe you're communicating with a scammer.
Make sure the person you're talking with has 11,844 hours on Team Fortress 2 and has the Proof of Purchase.

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Alsander Is a 213.36cm tall Felngo that has a slim and slight curvy, muscular toned body build, He weighs 130 kgs and can lift items several times his own weight, His tail is 400cm, weighs 70kgs and is quite fluffy, His tail is a Tailmaw and is named Ciaran, It has 10.16cm long fangs along it's upper and lower jaw while sporting a 100cm tongue, has enlarged versions of Alsanders' green eyes and ears, and has two long slit like nostrils.

The Tailmaw Has Glands in their mouth that produce toxins that'll mix into their sailva and be able to paraylise their Victims by temporarily stopping their nervous system, The sailva-toxin mixture is required to enter the bloodstream. It can take milliseconds to take affect and can last for hours at a time.

Alsander's Currently Collared By Powersurge, His Master.

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Desolatis.Nuclear 2 hours ago 
hello, adding because I used to play with you on ZTG plus I feel like it
Alsander The Felngo Jul 22 @ 1:32pm 
*purrs from being cuddled snuggling you*
Powersurge the Protogen Jul 22 @ 7:46am 
*Cuddles you tight*
Alsander The Felngo Jun 10 @ 10:03pm 
uh? Hoi!
Ryan Reynolds Shoots Blanks Jun 10 @ 9:35pm 
Powersurge the Protogen May 27 @ 10:12pm 
*pet pet* Good Felngo