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Unlocked Aug 3 @ 4:05am

Dangerous wasteland

Pass first location
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 4:10am

Western Express

Pass second location
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 4:31am

Silent canyon

Pass third location
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 4:31am

Mad jumps

Pass fourth location
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 4:33am

Quiet saloon

Pass fifth location
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 3:46am

Fearless wars

Kill 100 Indians
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 4:25am

Soldiers of luck

Kill 100 bandits
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 4:02am


Is to Make 5 purchases in the saloon

Blast wave

Kill 100 enemies with dynamite


Dead for 50 times

A graveyard

Dead for 100 times

Master firearm

Kill 1000 enemies with firearm

Master of bladed weapons

Kill 1000 enemies with melee weapons


Burn down 100 enemies with fire

Wanted secret

Unlock the secret characters

Sun burn

Burn in sunlight 10 ghouls