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Lesson Is More

[Tutorial] Finished the stylish and beginner lessons in Tutorial Mode.

Impersonal Trainer

[Training] Dealt a total of 100,000 Damage.

Bread and Butter

[Challenge] Completed 50% of all challenges.

Frame Advantage

[Challenge] Completed 100% of one character's challenges.

Look Forward To It

[Story] Completed the main story.

Ample EX

[Story] Completed the EXTEND story.

Heart To Heart

[Story] Completed the Remix Heart story.

Just a Taste

[Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode.

Six Education

[Abyss] Completed up to Stage 6.


[Score Attack] Completed 1 course.

Martial Law

[Unlimited Mars] Fought in 10 matches.
0 / 10

And The Winner For Best Picture...

[Replay Theater] Watched a replay.

Unlimited Blazblue Works

[Gallery] Unlocked all of the Unlimited characters.

Patron Of The Arts

[Gallery] Spent P$ 100,000 in Gallery Mode.
0 / 100,000

Your Guest Is As Good As Mine

[Gallery] Unlocked the "Guest Illustrator" category.

These Go To Eleven

[Network] Leveled up to level 11.

Make This House A Home

[Network] Made some changes to your room.

Howdy Stranger

[Network] A player joined your room.


[Network] Collected a set quantity of items in the Player Match room.

Fully Extended

Mastered BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend.

Good Neighbor

[Network] Used a default text string in the Player Match room.

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