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Personal Achievements

The Surge

Unlocked all achievements in the base game

I'll Be Back

Died for the first time

Sorry, I Dropped This

Found your lost Tech Scrap after dying

Melting Down

Defeated all five smelting machines

Right Tool for the Job

Upgraded a weapon using the Nano Core crafting component

Man of Steel

Upgraded a full gear set using the Nano Core crafting component

Core Power

Reached a Core Power of 80

Jack of All Trades

Reached level 5 weapon proficiency in each of the weapon types

Nothing to Lose

Carried more than 50,000 Tech Scrap


Defeated a boss while carrying at least 20,000 Tech Scrap


Acquired a full set of GOLIATH gear


Acquired a full set of OPERATOR gear


Acquired a full set of SENTINEL gear

Squad Chief Helvig

Defeated S&R Squad Chief Helvig

Carbon Cat

Defeated Carbon Cat

Carbon Cat vs Iron Maus

Defeated Carbon Cat as Iron Maus

Dress Up

Collected and crafted all 4 mascot heads

No More Marching

Killed all the mascots of the Popcorn Parade

Rusty Rat

Saved Rusty Rat


Unlocked the Rusty Spring Tower

Is This Real Life?

Survived rebooting the network in the Project Resolve Center


Finished every episode

Suited and Booted

Crafted all Frontier Gear sets

Tools of War

Collected all Frontier Weapons

Gramophone Enthusiast

Collected all 7 audiologs found in the Testing Chamber

Risk Assessment

Finished an episode with at least 1 modifier turned on

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