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Which One of Us is the Machine?

Get and equip a new AI.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 12:04pm

Passion for Fashion

Wear a new armor customization item.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 12:10pm

I'm Ready, How 'Bout You?

Change your Spartan's look in the Customize menu.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 12:03pm

Clocking In

Complete a Daily Challenge.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 12:22pm

We Have a Job For You

Complete a Weekly Challenge.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 5:24pm

Peak Performance

Earn 2,000 score in a matchmade game.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 12:31pm

"Need a Weapon?"

Try out a new weapon customization item.

That Thing on the Left is the Brake

Test drive a new vehicle customization.

Reporting for Duty

Change your Spartan Tag.

Humble Beginnings

Complete one level in a Battle Pass.

Battle Tested

Complete a Battle Pass.

Limited Addition

Complete a Limited Time Challenge.

You're Up, Rook'

Play a Ranked Match.

All About the Grind

Finished Ranked Placement Matches.

Get the Popcorn

View a clip in theater.


Play a custom game.

Getting Strong Now

Launch into Training Mode for the first time.

Sparring Partners

Change any training mode option.


Complete a Weapon Drill.


Earn 3 stars in a Weapon Drill.


Earn 3 stars in 5 Tier 3 Weapon Drills.

Doing Your Part

Complete the Tutorial.

Just the Two of Us

Access your Personal AI.

Make a Little More Noise

Grab a power weapon from the Tutorial armory.

Slaying with Style

Earn a Mythic Medal in a matchmade game.

Back to the Chopper

Earn "Splatter" with a Brute Chopper in a matchmade game.

New Kid on the Block

Earn "Perfect" with a VK78 Commando in a matchmade game.

Party Bus

Earn "Mount Up" in a Razorback in a matchmade game.

Watt Say You?

Earn "Chain Reaction" with a Shock Rifle in a matchmade game.

Peeker's Disadvantage

"Back Smack" an enemy who is zoomed in with a scoped weapon in a matchmade game.


Kill an enemy with melee using a bladed weapon in a matchmade game.

Sick Burn

Kill an enemy with the Ravager's charged shot in a matchmade game.


Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Skewer in a matchmade game.

Skyhook Shot

"Grapplejack" an enemy flying vehicle in a matchmade game.

Working Remote

Pick up a weapon using the Grappleshot in a matchmade game.

Secret Stash

Place an item in the Razorback's storage in a matchmade game.

Bomb Returned

Repel an enemy grenade with the Repulsor in a matchmade game.

Do You Even Gift?

Drop a Power Weapon for an ally in a matchmade game.

Multi-class Racer

Drive 4 unique vehicles in a matchmade game.

They See Me Rollin'

Spectate an ally that is driving a Warthog or Razorback in a matchmade game.

One Shot, Top Mid

Mark an enemy located at "Top Mid" in a matchmade game.

Enemies Everywhere!

Mark 3+ enemies at once in a matchmade game.

Natural Formation Location Sensation

Gain access to a loot cave in a matchmade game.

A Fellow of Infinite Jest

Kill three enemies with the ball in a matchmade Oddball game.

Running Laps

Capture the flag twice in a matchmade Capture the Flag game.

Zone Ranger

Secure 5 zones in a matchmade Strongholds game.


Revive 3 allies in a matchmade Elimination round.

Control Freak

Assist in capturing all zones that lead to a score in a matchmade Total Control game.

Straight to the Bank

Deposit 5 Power Seeds in a matchmade Stockpile game.

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