His name is Diavolo   Middletown, New York, United States

My sweetie lil fish~ :loh_Heart:

hey-ho, im that guy that you've probably seen from somewhere but you probably don't remember exactly where. it's okay, i don't bite, add me or something im a nice person.
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oh cool, an info box. nice.
Hi there, I'm Sprinx, and you're not and I am sergal!

Psst, heyy! I have Discord too! Sprinx#3621

:loh_Heart: Special People List (in alphabetical order no offend pls) :loh_Heart:
Fizzle, The Loveliest, Green Vaporeon
Hedene, Super Chill, AKA Hebean
Juno, Serg Mom and Amazing Artist
Nihlo, Sweet Serg
NuriTheNurd, Sweet Snow Leopard
Sam, Cool Blueberry Sylveon
Sloth, Edgy Fervid Feline
Vixen, Music Addicted Serg

Stuff about me
Huge Furfag
Living in Eastern United States
Half gay
Fond of sergals
Can't draw for shit
I have tourettes but instead of swearing I'll just say "egg"
Socially retarded
I'm not a psychologist ffs
[anything else you wanna know just ask and I'll answer]

Things i enjoy
•My friends :)
•spice mem
yiff ...lol...
•Cute things

Things I don't enjoy
•Intolerable kids
•Most furries (ones addicted to starting drama)
•The number 4

Misc. info
Please leave a comment when adding, it would be nice. Also, comment if you're removing me. I'd like to at least know. If I don't respond to your message in 15 minutes, it means i hate you. Jk it means im just afk or watching something. If you want to play a game, message me when I'm not playing anything and maybe I'll play with ya. I love all of my friends greatly and if you are my friend, I love you. Not my friend? Don't worry, I still love ya.

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i cri
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Im a sick ♥♥♥♥ I like a quick ♥♥♥♥
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You're such a ♥♥♥♥in hoe i love it
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