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Maybe I'm the only one owning some of these titles for trade at the moment, some other people keep them in inventory just to show off (Monkey see, monkey do), a waste which doesn't make justice to some games that should be enjoyed. Nowadays everyone is a "Steam addict", but for those who don't care about the Steam library, my advice would be to get a physical retail version of these games on eBay/Amazon/GoG or other sites for 5-20$, add as non-Steam game with custom grid image, voilà. Removed Steam game copies are a luxury for fans of a particular game/collectors who want to have them forever available in their account.

:2016trophy: I've been trading since 01/08/2012 and I have impersonators; Remember that my profile is 14 years old, public, with more than 8000 games and with an inventory full of Steam removed games.

As you can see many rare games disappeared from my inventory during the years, from Stalin vs Martians, to James Cameron's Avatar the game, Wolfenstein (2009), ToCA 3, Dirt 1, Top Gun, Elf Bowling etc. - it's because I traded them for the right offer.

:Dosh: You can send trade offers without adding me by clicking this link :cleankey:

1. Peace of mind: If we strike a deal, you have the option to Reserve a title for 4 months, so higher offers on that title will be ignored. After the third purchase you can get a permanent 5% discount (which is a lot on big titles).
2. Expert assistance: When trading old removed games with me, you'll be also assisted to make them run properly on your operating system. I'm capable of altering game files with reverse-engineering, but usually it's not needed.
3. Knowledge: You've come to the right place. I've been collecting/trading removed games for more than a decade now, I know all the secrets to make your Steam library shine with the unobtainable.

*Due to very low availability prices may be high or subject to change.*
*Product key trades may be conducted via TeamViewer to personally make sure the key was activated/declined by Steam.*

My reputation/Feedback:
:scorepoint: SteamRep []
:scorepoint: SteamTrades []
:scorepoint: and check all the comments on my profile as an extra

:cleankey: [H] TF2 Keys, PayPal, BTC, other stuff [W] Removed games []
:cleankey: [H] Most wanted Removed Steam games [W] TF2 Keys, PayPal, BTC, Steam Market items, Games []
:cleankey: My Barter Trade list []
Items Up For Trade
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Unknown packages (gifts that lost cover image and name) in showcase*:
Unknown package 458 = Onimusha 3: Demon Siege
Unknown package 1373 = Shellshock 2: Blood Trails;
Space Hulk - Defilement of Honor Campaign - Unknown package 31355 = Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance;
Unknown package 8744 = Driver: San Francisco;
Unknown package 4560 = TRANSFORMERS: War for Cybertron;
Unknown package 8796 = 1C Racing Collection: which also includes Streets of Moscow;
Unknown package 32034 = Tiny Thief;
Unknown package 34476 = Ashes Cricket 2013;
Unknown package 18832 = GTA Collection including GTA 1, GTA 2 and Vice City old audio;
Unknown package 15401 = Batman Franchise including Batman Arkham City non-GOTY, Gotham City Impostors non-F2P GFWL (which allows to get achievements from Xbox Live);
Unknown package 29661, Unknown package 28777 = Deadpool;
Unknown package 2544 = SAW UK;
Fable - The Lost Chapters - Unknown Package 15561 = Fable 3 Collection;
Unknown package 44285 = Castle: Never Judge a Book by its Cover;
Unknown package 26386 = Cart Life;
Unknown package 4193 = Mole Control;
Unknown package 4194 = KrissX;
Unknown package 1608 = Cryostasis;
Unknown package 623 = Universe at War: Earth Assault;
Unknown package 15325 = Strategy First Complete Pack (Summer 2012): which also includes Birth of America, Parking Dash and Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child;
Unknown package 89803 = What's under your blanket !?;
Unknown package 159674 = What's under your blanket 2 !?;
Unknown package 68955 = Winter Sports Trilogy Super Pack (includes: Ski Jumping 2007, Alpine Ski Racing 2007, Winter Sports 2009: The Next Challenge).

* For other gifts in inventory, you can check what they contain with this SteamDB link by changing the SUBID part with the Unknown package number
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For more reviews follow 👍 our English Curator and Italian Curator pages.

The combination of a well-crafted story, clever puzzles, combat (similar to Psi-Ops) with psychic powers outweighs deficient AI and dated graphics. Back on Steam after 10 years! A must-have.

I know the game was re-released without modifications, but THQ specified "Stay tuned" so I hope at some point the game will be improved by fixes for modern operating systems, all the Steam features like cloud saves, achievements and so on.

Maybe we will also get Juiced 2 and Time Splitters? Let's hope so.
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Resident Evil 4
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For more reviews follow 👍 our English Curator and Italian Curator pages.

Unforgettable characters, colorful and varied game world, high-level FMV, card mini-games that could be a game in their own right and high longevity. For us the best Final Fantasy ever.
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