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Le Fromage   California, United States
Fun fact: Seriel killer sell guns, without the cereal.

So this is this, eh, hello there! This is an info box full of current stuff relating to the deadass you are vewing.

Pet peves (with father gregori to all you folks who get that)
- Don't ask for my tf2/cs:go/etc. shit. Answer will allways be a hard no unless your trading.
- Don't be inviting me to your giveaway groups, mk?
- Modern hip hop. It's such an insult to classic hip hop and its culture
- [To be continued]

Current things bothering me
- I beat Firewatch a year ago and for whatever reason I still feel emotionally attached to it now it just feels gone.

- I'm obsessed with cars and racing to an extreme level
- Rainbow six is the current game I'm addicted to (valk main)
- More stuff about cars

Car Stuff
- I've mostly self taught myself on how a car fully works, need to learn a bit more on transmission and a lot on electronics though
- I prefer V6 over Inline 6
- Twin charging is always a viable option if you've got a nice block
- Rally racing is the most intense (not rally cross) form of racing
- Super car companies need to just stop putting LS V8's in everything and actually develop an egine
- The Corvette is an underapreciated sports car
- Fords are trash along with their performance cars
- Why is no one raving about the fact Dodge made a street legal car with 848 Bhp?
- [To be continued]
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