Sensual Hermaphrodite
MtF (male to female) trans socially, MtH (male to hermaphrodite) trans physically/sexually.
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* Trans lesbian.
* Wishes to turn to a hermaphrodite.
* Encorporates relationship anarchy [], anti coupling [] and polyamory in my life.
* Responds to messages when I feel like it.
* Analytical, chaotic neutral and a victim of hypersexuality.
* Is a sexologist.
* Analyses and debates on the principles of some of the most extreme and taboo sexual topics to come to a better understanding of them.
* Victim of generalized post-partum obsessive compulsive anxiety.
* Does not RP; writes erotica on my own time instead. I need to have a structured and explicatory story in all of my works. Everything occurs in my stories for a reason.
* Current writing works focus on incest and/or erotic horror. No I will not share the writing with you.
* Does not particularly care for men in any romantic, sexual or visual situation. This does not reflect on my social interactions with men however.
* Is not interested in small talk. Come to me with a topic of discussion, be it your sex life, thoughts on a fetish, a game we share in common etc

Public Soapbox on Transgender/Transsexual Topics:

One thing that has really been grating on me these days is the lack of education that other trans individuals have of their own status. And even further, the public in general.

Gender Dysphoria (the mental state of feeling like one is the wrong gender or) is a symptom. Just because you feel like you are the wrong gender does not mean that you are trans. In order to be trans you must be classified as such from a reputable psychologist who has experience in the field.

Being classified as being trans means that your gender dysphoria is not caused by any other mental or physical conditions. It can be caused by the following:

A: Social aspects during child development which raise the child in a manner in which gender dysphoria occurs (like being raised as the opposite gender). How much this effects the child is unknown, and the level of a role it plays varies from the various societies.

B: Estrogen mimicing chemicals which enter the child's body either during prenatal growth or during early development. Most likely candidate is Bisphynol A, an estrogen mimicing chemical which appears in plastics. Research has dictated that a very large majority of Americans have well over the recommended maximum threshold of this substance in their body. This is just a theory as the potential for this to cause mental conditions of gender dysphoria versus other potential effects like chemical feminization or homosexualization is unknown.

C: Natural occurences in the very early stages of birth during the transfering of DNA from the parents to the child. (My wording is subpar for this phenomenon as I could only find the layman terms in a few vague articles.) The parents' DNA have little chemical "stickers" on them which determine their sex and levels of feminity and masculinity in various forms. When this DNA is split and fused back together to become the child's DNA, the chemical "stickers" from one parent's DNA are cleared off and the child is left with what is on the other parent's DNA. However, the chemical stickers are never completely washed off, and you end up taking from both. The dominate stickers determine your sex and the others determine your levels of feminity and masculinity. This occurs in almost every creature and can explain why we see homosexual behavior in creatures like sheep and flies, and why gender dysphoria has been an occurrence for a really long time (Christian confessionaries recorded men wanting to be women during a time when that was most undesireable). However, this is just a theory and those early gender dysphoria could have simply been mental and physical conditions that just weren't treatable or even recognizable.

Remember, feelings of gender dysphoria is an important signifier to go to a psychologist for help. You may have a mental or physical illness that can damage your life if not treated early. Further, psychologists will be able to direct you to the proper facilities necessary in order to start your transition professionally if the gender dysphoria is not a symptom of another illness. The sooner you go to a psychologist the better as you should treat gender dysphoria like any other mental or physical condition instead of hiding and trying to solve it yourself. You will be a lot happier in the long run and won't end up with regrets as the years go by.

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