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Obi Jul 12 @ 10:59am 
Many people always ask me how I was able to get into Harvard as a 16 year old who skipped 3 grades of high school. They think I got in because of my scholarly records, but no the key is the interview.
Obi Jul 12 @ 10:59am 
As I sat in the Harvard Dean's office in front of the board of reviewers for my application, the Dean asks me "Why should you be a good candidate for this school?" They seemed bored but I replied "Well I was born a child prodigy, placed 1st in my state spelling bee for three consecutive years, I can speak eight different languages not counting Latin, play four different instruments, I skipped grades 4 through 6, and graduated my high school as valedictorian at the age of 14. I then worked as an intern at both Telsa, and NASA." Suddenly the room burst into laughter and many of board instantly started scribbling down "No" near the application check marks.
Obi Jul 12 @ 10:59am 
The Dean says "Sorry but you are just not the type we are looking for." But then I said "Excuse me but I wasn't finished... I watch Rick and Morty" The Dean looked at me like an idiot and said "So....?" Then I replied with a smile "And I understand all the references and subtle jokes" An audible gasp let out by the board was so loud the secretary had to come in. You could hear a pin drop and then suddenly all at once the entire board clicked their pens on the "Approved Box" and I was instantly handed a diploma and now I'm teaching advanced physicals there. I guess you can say I'm pretty smart. xD
oh no Jun 15 @ 9:01am 
You'd actually have to have a high IQ and be emotional strong to have a body pillow, because not only does it require a high IQ to bring a body pillow alive in your imagination, it also requires a lot of mental and psychological stamina to maintain a happy body pillow since they do require a lot of work to have around and especially if you are storing them in the bed. Furthermore, people who are attached to bodypillows have a high tendency to be multilingual and know complex words like kawaii, watashi and sugoi, which definitely shouldn't be underestimated because their meanings are very subtle so they require an immense amount of intelligence to fully understand and an even higher IQ to use in the everyday life. With this said it is only logical to pay a lot of respect and admire those who keep bodypillows in their room of their mom's basement, everything else would be undeniable irrational and absolutely moronic.