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In case you missed it, here's the link to my commission thread :devon: []

I've started doing commissions because the situation in my country is pretty damn dire, and I need a way to take some comfort in living, and as there aren't any opportunities here, I decided to venture into the ether of the internet.

I take about a day to finish a complex commission, at most, I'm a pretty quick worker, as I have a lot of free time because, again, the situation in my country is pretty bad, I usually take about 10 hours to finish some of the more complex works, I prefer working in one sitting as it helps me keep focus.

:irpotato:Ideally it goes like this:

You add me, tell me you'd like a commission and specify image size, either bust, waist-up, or full body, if it's TF2-related, the class and loadout displayed in the piece you'd like to commission, the background, and any other detail or specification that you'd like, for example:

"Hey ale! I'd like to know if you could make a medium size full body of a scout with a circling hearts bonk boy, Lucky No. 42, and pink flip-flops, thanks!"

secondly, the background and any other specification, for example:

"I'd like it if you could make it in cp_dustbowl with medium detail and make the environment look a bit pink to go along with the hearts effect please"

I'll then let you know my availability and the price, something along the lines of:

"sure thing! so for the medium sized full body the price is 10 keys, medium detail background is 3 keys, so that'd make the total price 13 keys, is that ok?"

After I get your positive reply, I get to work, I accept paypal, TF2 keys, CSGO keys, basically anything that has a set value that I can calculate and is equal or equitable to the value set in the price sheet.

:irpotato:Prices are set and displayed in my art showcase, if they ever change, that will too.

After I'm done working with the piece, I'll send you a watermarked version and then after that you send the payment I send the non-watermarked version, and I hope you really enjoy it, I love having my work displayed on people's avatars and profiles, it's really wholesome when people appreciate what you do.

I usually don't ask for payment beforehand, I'll take a request, calculate the pricing, and once I get a positive response, I'll start working on it and then I share with you a watermarked full version and then you send the payment.

:irpotato:IF YOU DO WANT TO GO FIRST, that ensures you'll be moved up in the queue and I'll get yours done quicker, without losing time inbetween watermarked versions pre-payment, it has happened to me that the process is hindered by days if we have opposing GMTs.

Thanks for reading! hope this answered any doubt you had.:devon:

p.d memes r funy lol XD
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As a Pyro, the Degreaser inflicts less afterburn damage but allows you to switch weapons almost instantly. This allows you to more easily perform deadly combination attacks, such as setting the enemy on fire and then using the Axtinguisher in order to inflict a critical hit!
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