Pikachu on LSD
Smile! Life is beautiful. :>
Dessert pies are delicious, too. Mainly the ones of the creamy chocolate variety.~

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I don't have any more of a bio here because that would be too interesting. It's stored elsewhere.
If you need to contact me, please reach out on the appropriate channel; Steam is usually not the one.
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Asakari Mar 17 @ 1:43am 
pp peekatyou
no Mar 16 @ 8:22pm 
something something nomnomnom blogpost. Feeling nostalgic
Pikachu on LSD Mar 3 @ 3:33am 
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hey, i cant send you friend request, so can you add me please? its urgent
Bill Feb 14 @ 1:16pm 
One of the best people on the surface of this earth, not only the hero we want but also the hero we need.