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Posted June 28, 2019.
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Posted November 22, 2018.
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Just today I saw the paradox support rep. refused the request from a Chinese player that supporting official Chinese.


They said:


"We sell our games to people in many many countries in the world, we can't localise for all of them. Aside from China we've had similar comments (in some cases demands) from Turkey, Japan, Russia, and others I can't think of right now."


"The answer is always that our marketing department constantly evaluates all these markets to see if a localisation makes economic sense; so far it has not for those PDS games, it seems. Cities:Skylines has Chinese, if you're interested in that game."


"The other point is that old games like CK2 and EU4 are never going to be completely re-written at this late stage in their lives."


Firstly I must say that, for stellaris, Chinese players have contributed 100K sells, It's the fifth most purchase in all nations. However, Chinese is still not be included in the newly updated official localizations. So I don't know why they are thinking the 100K cannot afford a readable official Chinese update. Or, let me ask, is the new sellings more important than the money from 100K players they have already gained?


Okey Okey, let me share some records. FM2016, without Chinese, sold 50k in China; FM2017, with Chinese and a selling number more than 100k. Total War : Warhammer updated a Chinese language very late and gained 60k Chinese buyers, and Total War : Warhammer II with Chinese language is released for half a year, obtained the 50K purchase in Chinese and of course the number is increasing. No I'm not talking about the economics stuff but the attitude of Chinese people: we respect the producers who respect us.


I also don't know what is "CSL has Chinese if you are interested in that game" meaning. Dude he purchased for your products and when someday he is asking for a service, you says he can play another game?! I don't think it is respectful words for a customer group. Do you think we are only focusing on Chinese language? Our emphasis is THE RESPECT TO 100K PLAYERS.


There is such words on steamworks: The less a language looks like English, the higher the expected return. Many customers in Asian territories for example do not speak English, while many customers in European countries do. Also, I know while the producers are releasing new games, there would be a notice mentioning that they are going to have a lot dislikes from Chinese player if the games do not have Chinese localization. Thanks a lot for steam.


Thank you for reading it.
Posted April 28, 2018.
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