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Welcome to my profile!

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Over the last month or two, I've been streaming every once in a while just because I feel like it and posting some highlights and moments on my YouTube. I don't expect anything of the streaming thing and I really dont have time in my schedule to even dedicate myself to streaming at all, so honestly just see that as something that I'll do when im free for a night. I am not aiming to make anything commercial out of it, only looking to have fun.

What am I up to?

For everyone who's new to my profile, you can find me on:
Rocket League
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Comedy Night
Town of Salem
and alot more games!

You can also join my new personal discord here:
Find my YouTube channel here:
Watch my Twitch streams here:

Profile/Friend Rules

1. Please give a reason for adding.
2. I don't do trades, so don't add if you're looking for someone to trade with.
3. I'd prefer if you have a steam level of at least 5, but I'll sometimes make exceptions.
4. I try to add people who actively try to have a good time, so don't be a grouch please.
5. Most likely won't add you if you have more than 3 -reps on your profile.
6. Won't add you if I feel like your account is a throwaway.
7. Honestly, whether or not I add you ultimately goes down to whether or not I feel like it. If I have a good time with you and you're generally fun to be with, yada yada, i'll add you.
Currently In-Game
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Welcome to my profile!
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            • Meme hard, play hard.
            • Give reason for add.
            • Add me if you want to play/hang out.
            • Don't be a retard.
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            •  Youtube @Sejotaa Gaming
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sejotaa Oct 5 @ 9:42pm 
+rep smh
Coronate Aug 1 @ 7:30pm 
+rep very nice guy. Helpful with all forms of information.