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More or less inactive due to work and school and shit

Also pretty much done with Comp TF2 I made it out of steel like once so my career is complete

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Sonic 3 and Knuckles is my favorite anime
Competitive Experience:

Stats reset: 4/18/2017

Team Defense Fort: The Sequel
ETF2L Highlander Open #2 - Team Shockwave, Spy 3-1
UGC Highlander Steel Season 20 -Spy, 5-3, 18th
UGC Highlander Steel S21- Spy 4-4, 23rd
UGC Highlander Steel S22 - Demo 3-5 xd
UGC HL Steel S23 last two weeks - Spy sub, Midheaven 4-4
UGC HL Silver S24 - Quakkstreet Boys, soldier sub (picked up late season) 4-4
UGC HL Steel S25- King Jong Oof, Spy 4-4 (17th place RIP playoff dream)
UGC HL Main S26 - Wow - Owen Wilson
UGC 6v6 Steel Season 22 - Ermagerd Merdperks 6v, Roamer 3-5
UGC Steel S24- uwu Pocket/Wharf Rats sub
UGC Steel S26 - Speedrun, Roamer 1-4, quit midseason
UGC Silver S27 - l33t 5p3ak, Pocket 4-4

4s (I do this with non-competitive friends)
UGC 4v4 Steel S11- Koi, roster ride/sub
UGC Steel S13 - Doki Doki Dabbed On, Demo 5-3
UGC Steel S14 - despacito EPIC style, Demo 3-5 (TWO FORFEIT WINS HELL YEAH)

FACEIT 6v6 Tournament
EdgeGamers 2016 North America Ultiduo, second round
TFCLeague Ultiduo Season 2 4-4

In-Game: Diamond on 2 accounts
UGC S3- Support 0-6 (hell yeah)
UGC S5 Steel: DPS 1.5-4

A Brief Collection of Salt

*DEAD* secy : i'm sorry i couldn't do well steel scout main
*DEAD* secy : i've failed you
*DEAD* Legit Leevi : im not asleep
*DEAD* Vape4Jesus : gang weed
I II II L : you couldn't beat a pyro df
*DEAD* kale : you failed yourself
*DEAD* kale : 'steel'
*DEAD* kale : the division you wish you could be in

brood : lol secy 'ring me'
brood : that means u have bo frens
secy : lmao
brood : kys faggot
brood : 1600 hour baby

wafflesthewookiee : tanks, no offense, but i hope you die in a fire
multiple tanks : :(

(after dying to an honorable amby headshot)
Edgy Spy Main : secy fuck off ya nigger
secy : toxic

*DEAD* Perfectard™ : FML

shout-out to Daddu to keeping his medigun up my ass for the sole purpose of pissing people off

*DEAD* Mirai=Waifu4Laifu : Secy didnt kill me once, despite his shitty unusual and pocket medic
*DEAD* Mirai=Waifu4Laifu : fun killin ya bud
Biker : Mirai mad
Daddu the Medic : lmao toxic af
*DEAD* triumphingnoob : imagine playing sniper

*DEAD* Comrade Heavy : I love that solly that can't get a kill without a medic up his ass

latchk3y : i love soldier mains being followed by pocket medics. they are my favourite game mechanic.

u.step1bsecy (Score:20) defeats Cryomaniac (Score:0) in a duel on Viaduct Middle
Cryomaniac : i wanted to duel my friend, y ou retarded seven year old.
Cryomaniac : you*
Cryomaniac : kys
Cryomaniac left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Pew Pew, You Alien Cunt : First I would encounter the same soldier that would always random crit me when I see him, now its the same but its always uber
Pew Pew, You Alien Cunt : from their fucking pocket medic
secy : thats going on my profile
Pew Pew, You Alien Cunt : kys

*DEAD* Dorememe Yeet : you
*DEAD* Dorememe Yeet : soldier
*DEAD* Dorememe Yeet : youre a real chad

*shitposting with Daddu*
Serene Grace : extra f2p with the medic soldier premade
*DEAD* Nutsuki : salt
*DEAD* Buffsuki : square up thot
*DEAD* Nutsuki : just mad that you got Doki Doki Deleted

*DEAD* joshkelso9 : secy you piss my off

*DEAD* Demo_the_man (G.E.W.P) : metaknight you made me depressed
meta knight's d-smash from brawl : love you too

RGB | Minecraft 2 : meta knight more like kill yourself

*DEAD* Mild Mannered Madman : huh im starting to think secy is a fag
secy : Mild Mannered Madman : man secy youre so cool
secy : but you said I was cool

*DEAD* SteelCourage : fuck you spy
FruitPike has earned the achievement Triage
*DEAD* SteelCourage : spy takes no skill
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