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Dante   Florida, United States

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TEAM EXPLOSION/newDirections, Chief Share Holder and CEO
//ESEA-O S7 1st
//ESEA-IM S8 2nd
//CEVO-A S6 1st

eMazing Gaming, Medic
//ESEA-I S6 LAN 4th
//ESEA-I S7 LAN 1st
//ESEA-I S8 LAN 2nd
//CEVO-P S6 3rd
//CEVO-P S7 2nd

//ESEA-O S9 2nd

Leviathan Gaming, Medic
//ESEA-I S11 LAN 1st
//ESEA-I S12 LAN 2nd
//Multiplay Insomnia Series: i46 LAN 2nd

HRG aka bp, Medic
//ESEA-I S13 LAN 1st
//ESEA-I S14 LAN 1st
//Multiplay Insomnia Series: i49 LAN 3rd

//ESEA-I S16 LAN 1st
//ESEA-I S17 LAN 1st
//ESEA-I S18 LAN 1st
//CEVO-M S4 1st
//CEVO-P S5 LAN 1st
//GXL LAN 1st
//Multiplay Insomnia Series: i52 LAN 1st
//ESEA-I S19 1st
//Multiplay Insomnia Series: i55 LAN 1st
//ESEA-I S20 3rd
//ESEA-I S22 3rd
//ESEA-I S23 1st

guaranteed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place at LAN

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