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Concerning recent events, it is only the icing on the cake of the general negativity that this entry has compared to the rest of the franchise, and what ultimately amounted to a difficult game to recommend.

Looking at Fallout 4 as a whole, the game is plagued with new mechanical additions such as settlement building which remained heavily restrictive to being practical, and being hard-baked into the game that removing such a feature requires additional work on the consumer.
The direction towards less traditional perks for percentage-based changes and the lack of traditional RPG-features and tropes such as "Skill Checks" (including DLCs, a grand total of 3), mediocre player choices (Choices being Yes, No, Sarcasm, and Cancel) & a rather weak incentive towards the story makes the game fail as an RPG.
For other mechanics, weapon customisation is heavily tilted towards guns, and the initial promise of full customisation is only really demonstated with the "Pipe Pistol", the incredibly cheap mook weapon found from early-game raiders. For gameplay itself, besides the V.A.T.S. system, is rather mediocre. Concerning V.A.T.S., it serve as a nice cosmetic to help mask some of the poorer gunplay mechanics, while also offering a level of ease for hard-to-hit enemies.

While I have been rather negative towards the game in this review, and might not recommend it personally to other people, those still interested shouldn't be discouraged from buying or playing the game. The game has a rather bountiful modding community that have tried to fix many of the glaring issues present in Fallout 4, with various videos demonstrating the newest mods that may interest you, as well as tutorials on the best loadout for your experience.

For now, the best time to get the game is either when it goes on sale, or when GOTY is released as also on sale.
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